During Monday night's new episode (May 14) of "Teen Mom 2," Leah Messer donned a tight bodysuit while filming the reunion show for Bravo and something happened once fans got a gander at her in this outfit. Apparently, this all started last week when a newer addition to the "Teen Mom 2" cast, Brittany DeJesus, told Leah that her backside was the star of the show.

Not only did Brittany take notice, but so did Leah's best friend Kailyn Lowry, another "Teen Mom 2" co-star. Kailyn went as far as giving a shout-out to the masses over Leah's backside. She took to Twitter and asked that everyone please tweet about how good Leah is looking these days.

Fans came running to comment on this asset

According to In Touch Weekly, folks online could "barely contain their thirst" and the compliments came pouring in for Leah's "really good looks." The picture posted online below seemed to conjure up all the hoopla.

Everyone's new favorite co-star

A previous In Touch article named Brittany DeJesus as "everyone's new favorite 'Teen Mom 2' star." Apparently, the latest episodes of "Teen Mom 2" are seen as "less drama filed" than what the fans are used to. It looks as if Brittany might be the answer to the doldrums with her witty one-liners and her tendency to be outspoken.

When Brittany made the observation last week about Leah's backside being the star of the show, she got Leah giggling.

Brittany then said, "White girl got cake, okay!" Talk about Leah's looks is nothing new, she has endured plastic surgery rumors over the years, with the most recent rumors swirling around her "pout."

Leah rumors of filler and botox

Leah is only 26 and those rumors of plastic surgery have been swirling around her for a few years now.

The way she's looking lately has prompted fans to guess "lip fillers and botox," which is what one fan suggested on Reddit. They also made the observation that "she looked better without it," and "she can hardly move her face."

Frozen face?

One fan sarcastically wrote that Leah doesn't look bad at all, that is until she tries to make a crazy face.

When she does that "then it looks obvious." This is the scuttlebutt online today regarding the rumors of Leah sporting the look of fillers and botox.

Even her teeth were spotlighted

Back in 2017, when Leah showed up at the CMT Awards and walked the red carpet, her teeth sparked online banter among her fans. Did she or didn't she? Her teeth looked much whiter and straighter than the fans remembered.

Leah claimed she didn't have veneers, but she did admit to having some dental work done. Even her smile was put under scrutiny by her fans. The "Teen Mom 2" star is usually the one who gets all the glamorous critiques from the fans, as she is very careful to take good care about how she looks.