Kailyn Lowry didn't want to be anywhere near her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars, Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus, during filming on the season eight reunion months ago. In fact, she expected to have her own private room where she, her friend, her kids, and her glam team could keep to themselves as they prepared to film the special. Unfortunately, as a new sneak peek shows, Lowry wasn't given her own room and was highly upset after learning she would be forced to be in the presence of her fellow reality stars.

In a preview clip shared by OK! Magazine, Lowry is seen asking someone to show her friend Bone where her room is.

Then, when Bone is seen sitting down in the midst of a ton of production equipment, Lowry asks, "Why would they do this? So... do they have us in individual rooms?" At that point, the answer seems to be clear as Lowry's co-star and on-screen nemesis, Briana DeJesus, walks into the room where she is sitting.

Kailyn Lowry wants her own room at the 'Teen Mom 2' reunion taping

"Where's Larry? I want to talk to Larry," Kailyn Lowry demands, requesting producer Larry Musnik. "This is a f****** joke," she then says as she goes to find Musnik herself.

"Larry, why is there not a separate space for Bone and the baby to go?" Lowry asks when she comes face-to-face with her longtime producer.

"Because there is...

down on the fourth floor," Larry Musnik explains. However, Lowry isn't happy with his answer and points out that the room downstairs is around other people and says her youngest son, Lux Russell, hasn't yet had his vaccinations. "I don't want to be around Briana. I don't want to be around Jenelle. I don't want to be around Javi.

I don't want to be around these people," she adds.

Larry Musnik attempts to find a private space for Kailyn Lowry and her group

"You're not going to be around them. Javi and them aren't coming until later... I will clear a path, okay?" Musnik offers.

"Is there a couch and stuff," Kailyn Lowry replies, making it clear that the space wasn't going to cut it.

"But this is not.. I don't want my kid here. Like this is.. What? Larry, I was told I would be separate from them. I don't like Jenelle. I don't like Briana. I don't want to be around them!"

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