In a hot-on-the-heels article, we released only yesterday detailing Fox’s decision to cancel the hit comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” we can now confirm that it seems like the show isn’t going to be canceled after all. Just a day after Fox announced the cancellation, the cast members and creators alike took to Twitter this Friday to express their joy over the television network NBC picking up the series instead. Universal Television had been fighting against the potential continuation of the show on a competitor network, but it seems that their attempts were futile after all.

NBC has revived the fan favorite for a sixth season

The television network NBC – commonly known as ‘The Peacock’ network – announced that they have officially picked up the sitcom for an additional forthcoming sixth season that will consist of 13 episodes. Ever since it was announced that Fox would not be continuing the show, the series quickly became the talk of the television industry with a number of different networks and streaming platforms expressing interest in renewing the series for themselves. While the subscription service Hulu did initially wish to save the show, a report by has released that they ultimately passed on the decision to save the Fox comedy.

However, this didn’t deter fans from keeping their hopes high for Fox to revoke their decision to cancel the series.

Fans, including Mark Hammill and Lin-Manuel Miranda, took to Twitter to express their disappointment and outrage at the television network refusing to greenlight the series for a sixth season. The show, which was deemed one of the “most important” series currently on air by an article released by The Washington Post last year, has become loved by audience members all over the globe due to its comedic yet serious take on important, progressive societal issues such as racial profiling.

The show has been praised for its inclusive tones and witty characters.

The network is thrilled to take on the series

After NBC announced that they would officially be taking over the continuation of the show, Robert Greenblatt – Chairman of NBC Entertainment – released a statement explaining that the network is overjoyed that the show is returning to its “rightful home.”

“Ever since we sold this show to Fox I’ve regretted letting it get away,” Greenblatt explained this Friday.

“We’re all thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and best cast comedies in a long time will take its place in our comedy line-up.”

Similarly, the cast of the show released their matched excitement on Twitter with stars such as Andy Samberg – who plays detective Jake Peralta - and Chelsea Peretti – who plays the beloved Gina Linetti – expressing their gratitude in statements that ring true to their respective character personalities. It seems that the cast and creator Dan Goor are all eagerly praising the fan-base of the franchise and have announced that they owe the renewal of the series to the demands made by viewers far and wide for the show to go on.

The future of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' is looking better than ever

With the support and love that NBC obviously has for the series and the cast and crew behind the cop-comedy, it’s fairly safe to say that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has quite the bright future ahead of it yet. After coming so close to being canceled for good, fans are definitely going to be in even more support of the continuation of the show. If the statement made by Robert Greenblatt is anything to go by, we can predict that we’ll still be the seeing the show on the air for a couple more seasons yet.

The network has yet to go onto provide details as to when the production and development of the show will begin, though we can assume that the rights have been passed over to NBC due to their earlier confirmation of the show’s revival.

Similarly, Universal Television has yet to comment on the series being picked up by NBC despite their earlier attempts to prevent further network interest. It’s obviously going to take some time for contracts to be settled and for the filming of season six to begin, but at least we can rest easy knowing that cheers of "Nine-Nine" are being heard all over the world.