The fans of "Stranger Things" are going crazy over some new pictures that were leaked today. Hollywood Life shared all about how it looks like Joyce might have a baby bump! If so, that would mean that she is probably having Bob's baby, but of course, he won't be around to see it grow up. This would be a huge twist for next season.

A baby bump is revealed

A few pictures of the filming of season three are being revealed and they show Winona Ryder with a baby bump. She is obviously acting and playing the character of Joyce in the pictures. Honestly, when you look at them there is no denying that it is a bump and not that the character has just put on a bit of weight.

So far, there are not very many pictures out from filming, but the fans will just have to wait and see if more come out. If they keep showing Joyce with a baby bump, then that is really going to confirm that something is going on.

Who would the father be?

More than likely the father would be Bob. He was amazing, but he is also dead now. It would be hard on her to have a baby without the father around, but she just might have to do it anyway. The other thing to remember is that when season two came to an end Joyce was getting pretty close to Hopper. This is less likely, but you never know.

There are also crazy fan theories going around right now. Could Joyce be pregnant with an alien baby? Is there something really weird going on? With "Stranger Things," you never know what the deal is or what is happening and the fans will just have to wait until season three airs to find out. Hopefully, a few more spoilers will end up coming out between now and then.

A new character is coming

It was revealed by Variety that a new character is coming this next season as well. Francesca Reale will be playing Heather, a popular lifeguard at the Hawkins community Pool. This is going to be an interesting new storyline and will be a pretty dark one from the sound of things. A lot of people know her from the Netflix show called "Haters Back Off." Now, she will be on "Stranger Things" and hopefully Francesca Reale can find a way to win over this huge fanbase.

It isn't easy, but they may decide they love the character. Maya Hawke will also be one of the new people joining “Stranger Things,” while Priah Ferguson has been upped to a recurring role for season three.

Do you think that Joyce is pregnant on "Stranger Things" season three? Make sure you don't miss "Stranger Things" when it returns to Netflix with the third season.