David Eason reportedly took aim at Jeremy Calvert in a recent Facebook post after the husband of Leah Messer berated Jenelle Evans on Twitter -- and their feud is far from over.

After Calvert called Evans a "dumb b****" on Twitter and encouraged her to get a job and stop laying on her back for income, Eason seemed to respond to Calvert's harsh words for his wife with a post of his own on his Facebook page. In his message, Eason wrote, without naming names, “I’m glad everyone thinks they need to tell me and Jenelle we need a job."

"Just because you’re a broke b**** boy doesn’t mean we are,” Jeremy Calvert added.

After a fan sent a screenshot of David Eason's post to Calvert, suggesting that Jenelle Evans' husband's post was about him, Calvert didn't hesitate to respond. "Lmfao I could buy them," he tweeted.

Jeremy Calvert recently tweeted about Jenelle Evans' road rage drama

After rumors began swirling in regard to a road rage incident between Jenelle Evans and an unnamed man in North Carolina, Jeremy Calvert weighed in on the situation on Twitter, calling out "Teen Mom 2" producer Morgan J. Freeman for allowing gun violence to take place during production. As reports explained, Evans allegedly threatened the man with a gun after following him to his home and driving onto his property.

Shortly after Calvert commented on the situation, Chelsea Houska's father, Randy Houska, spoke about the incident as well, seemingly joking about one particular report, which suggested Evans had her oldest son, Jace, in the car with her at the time of the encounter.

“Don’t worry, [Jenelle Evans] was being supervised by two young children,” he tweeted.

Jeremy Calvert has a new girlfriend in his life

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer will be seen discussing the possibility of getting back together with one another during the eighth season of "Teen Mom 2." However, as fans may have already noticed, the couple never actually got back together and these days, Calvert is dating Desiree Kibler.

On Twitter, Calvert and Kibler regularly tweet to one another, and on Instagram, they've shared a handful of photos.

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