Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, have continued to claim that their marriage is great and that he is sober in recent months but according to a new report, the "Teen Mom OG" star was using drugs as recent as January of this year. As he and Standifer made it clear to their viewers that he was no longer using, despite not having any sort of regular recovery program in place, Edwards was hiding a deep, dark secret.

On April 30, Radar Online shared a shocking report with readers in which it was revealed that Edwards actually failed a Drug Test on January 17, 2018.

According to the report, court documents obtained by the Red Bank City Court in Tennessee have revealed that the reality star tested positive for morphine and opiates just over three months ago. Two months later, Edwards was arrested and charged with breaking his probation.

As “Teen Mom OG” fans may have heard, Ryan Edwards was put on probation last year after he was cited for drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. So, on March 27, after failing a drug test months prior, he was taken into custody. “He failed the scheduled drug test,” an insider told Radar Online.

Ryan Edwards was found with drugs in March 2017

At the time of his initial drug incident, Edwards was pulled over for having an expired registration.

However, during the stop, the officer on duty noticed there was a needle visible in an open backpack on the reality star’s passenger seat. Then, after asking Edwards if he suffered from a medical condition of any kind, Edwards informed him that he did not.

After searching Edwards’ vehicle, cops discovered 14 needles, one of which had heroin inside.

There was also a bag found with a dark substance inside. “It’s heroin and I have a problem,” Ryan Edwards reportedly explained.

Ryan Edwards can do no wrong in the eyes of his wife

While Edwards nearly fell asleep while driving himself and Mackenzie Standifer to their first wedding in May of last year, Standifer didn't hesitate to say "I do" and in November of last year, after he was accused of cheating on her on a dating app, she said "I do" for a second time.

Standifer also didn't hesitate to conceive a child with Edwards and did so just months after their second wedding.

To see more of Ryan Edwards and his co-stars, including wife Mackenzie Standifer and his ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout, tune in to the new episode of "Teen Mom OG" tonight, April 30 at 9 PM on MTV.