Ryan Edwards' drug addiction has been a hot topic on "Teen Mom OG" for the past year. However, a new photo has surfaced, of the reality television star, that has raised even more questions, according to Radar Online reports. During a recent "Coffee and Convos" podcast with Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley, a major discussion erupted after the two podcast hosts received a new photo of Ryan Edwards appearing very disoriented.

Ryan Edwards continues to spiral out of control

The photo arrived with a message from a fan that spotted Ryan Edwards out with Mackenzie and his parents in Chattanooga and shows Ryan looking with his eyes rolling back into his head and seeming to be very high.

Lindsie told listeners the photo is "terrible" and in Ryan's defense stated that he did look like he may have been sleeping.

Maci Bookout believes Ryan is still using

The photographer, however, had a different opinion. They described what they had witnessed and from their point of view Ryan Edwards was so "f***ed up" he could "barely hold his head up." They continued saying that this odd behavior went on for close to five hours. Adding that during this time he was sitting on a bench with his head in his hands, or with his eyes "rolling back in his head."

Radar claims that after inspecting the Ryan Edwards photo they believe the picture of Edwards is, in fact, strange, and questionable to say the least.

Even though RO did not post the photo in question, all "Teen Mom OG" fans are well aware that sobriety has been a struggle for Ryan. It has been one issue after another since his 2017 arrest.

Things really took a harsh turn for Ryan Edwards later that year when he was filmed for the MTV reality series "Teen Mom OG" driving himself and wife-to-be Mackenzie Standifer to their wedding location.

Viewers were horrified to see Ryan behind the wheel slurring his words and nodding off while driving. Days later Ryan Edwards checked into a rehab facility program. He checked out three weeks later revealing that he was sober.

Fast forward to March of 2018 and once again Ryan Edwards' world began crashing down around him just days after announcing that he and wife Mackenzie were expecting their first child together.

Ryan was once again arrested, this time on a probation violation that stemmed from the previous year's heroin arrest. During the recent "Teen Mom OG" reunion special Ryan refused to appear on stage with ex and mom to son Bentley Maci Bookout.

The reunion was quite dramatic as Maci stated to Dr. Drew that Ryan had to date failed to submit to the drug testing required in order to see Bentley. Mackenzie Standifer stated that Ryan had taken a drug test which she claims he passed.

However, once again fans, watching the reunion, believed that Ryan seemed a bit off, even then. It is a crazy and sad situation. As previously reported in April, Maci Bookout revealed that she believes that Ryan is not clean but hoped the new baby would be what makes him finally get clean and stay that way.

She also revealed that if Ryan doesn't get clean now she feels he will spiral dangerously out of control, maybe so far that there will be no coming back again. Maci Bookout is not the only "Teen Mom" franchise cast member that feels Ryan Edwards could be headed for major destruction if he does not get the proper help soon.

Kailyn Lowry had plenty to say on Ryan Edwards situation as did former "Teen Mom OG" Farrah Edwards mom, Debra Danielsen, who claims she and new husband David believe Ryan is as good as dead if he doesn't change his life now.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Edwards, do you believe he is still using and will suffer major self-destruction, or do you believe Mackenzie has Ryan and his drug addiction under control?