What was going through Zara Tindall's mind at the royal wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry today? It was Queen Elizabeth's second oldest grandchild, Zara, that stole the show with a facial expression that has caught the eye of Twitter users.

Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne, who is Queen Elizabeth's daughter, and her laid-back body language, as well as the expression on her face, have people on Twitter calling her out as one bored wedding guest. Zara attended the wedding with her husband, the former star rugby player, Mike Tindall. She is eight months pregnant and at one point the camera's caught her husband rubbing her belly during the wedding ceremony.

Bored or stunned over preacher?

According to Fox News, both Zara and her husband were seen looking "less than pleased" during the wedding sermon given by Bishop Michael Curry. As the Twitter user below suggests, "the entire Royal Family doing everything in their power to keep calm and carry on while that bishop did his thing." But that wasn't the case for Zara. They claim her pregnancy hormones kicked in to put her in this mood during the sermon.

The clip of Zara's facial grimace, which is going viral today, is seen in the video clip below from a Twitter post.

Some on Twitter are claiming she wasn't bored. They suggest that this was her face while listening to the preacher, which is an unfavorable reaction to his style, according to some on Twitter today.

You can check out the entire clip of Zara's rather awkward look during Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding in the Youtube video at the end of this article.

The Mirror reports that the royal family was "pushed out of their comfort zone" during the wedding sermon given by the American bishop.

A first for the royals

The Mirror suggests that Zara Tindall appeared stunned at what the preacher was saying upon the altar at the royal nuptials. Bishop Curry is the bishop of the American Episcopal Church.

The 65-year-old preacher was praised for his message of love by people commenting on social media from across the globe, but the royals appeared a bit taken back at the enthusiasm in which the bishop delivered his message.

Two cultures meet and some looked uncomfortable

The comments over this black preacher addressing the very stoic royal family were vast. T.J. Holmes, who is a news anchor for ABC News said: "I'm from West Memphis ... and my wedding wasn't even this black." Jeremy Vine from the BBC called Curry "brilliant" for "going 50 in a 30 zone."

Sky News commentator, Mark Austin found this one "lovely moment" watching as the preacher managed to put the royal family on the "edge of their comfort zone." Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice sat together at the wedding and these sisters were seen smiling as the preacher belted out his words.

While the masses found Curry's sermon inspiring, it seems his style was a bit different from what the upper crust are accustomed to. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke those lingering barriers between cultures and that is what the world witnessed today. During the Fox News live broadcast, it was suggested that Princess Diana would be so proud of her son Harry today and of course, she would have adored Meghan.