Seven years ago Princess Eugenie and her sister Princess Beatrice donned hats that made headlines around the globe when they attended William and Kate's wedding. The sisters' over exaggerated fascinators were the first thing you saw as they entered the room. Jump ahead seven years and Princess Eugenie showed up in an outfit that couldn't be more basic.

In a new video, Global News described both Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice as looking rather "prudent" in their choice of outfits for Prince Harry and Meghan's royal wedding. People Magazine describes the princess sisters' headgear as "subtle" in comparison to the rather elaborate fascinators they sported at Prince William and Kate's royal wedding.

Please fasten your seatbelts?

What was Beatrice thinking in this outfit? Both Beatrice and Eugenie wore blue dresses, but Eugenie's ensemble was far from flattering on this young woman. This really wasn't an outfit that you would expect for a 28-year-old celebrity to wear. Eugenie topped off the outfit with a "simple white pillbox hat" by Stephen Jones.

While some folks thought Eugenie's outfit was rather bland, others critiqued it as "smart looking." Whether you liked the outfit or not, most would agree the color of her garb did compliment her gorgeous complexion.

Rather bland

The dress that Eugenie wore was a Roksanda Viola design and it has been described as a "60s style dress." Her sister's outfit, which offered a bit more detail, was a Gainsbourg dress topped off with a Fiona Graham headband.

Both sisters were dressed down in comparison to most of the other wedding guests.

Days of giant pretzels

If you can remember back to William and Kate's wedding, Beatrice should have won a prize for her fascinator which was compared over and over again to a giant pretzel.

The headpiece, worn by Eugenie for that wedding, exploded in flowers and feathers at the top making her a stand-out vision that day. You can see those headpieces below in the Twitter post.

Eugenie was almost like a living piece of art in that cap she donned at William's wedding.

What a difference a few years makes. On Saturday morning when Eugenie was first spotted making her way to the church, you couldn't help but wonder where she was keeping her pull-along luggage. Her outfit looked like a uniform that you might see yesteryear's airline stewardess wear.

That was during an era when they called flight attendants airline stewardesses and they were all female. Today there are both male and female.

Little Prince George

One of the cutest observations at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding was little Prince George, walking down the aisle behind Meghan, making this a real family affair. Prince Harry kept his beard, despite the scuttlebutt before the wedding suggesting it would come off for this special day.

Just gorgeous

Meghan Markle looked absolutely gorgeous and what a heartfelt feeling you got when Prince Charles met her in the church and escorted her to the altar. Meghan Markle sang right along with the rest of the folks in the church to "God Save the Queen," the country's national anthem, before leaving the church on Harry's arm as his wife. The prince escorted his wife into a horse-drawn carriage for their ride away from the church.