Every few months, a new trend takes over and kids everywhere express how they “have to have” whatever it is. We’ve seen this with Tech Decks, silly bands, and most recently, fidget spinners. These have all died out now. Any day a new “thing” will come along and it will take center stage. But one toy that has remained, throughout the years, is Funko POP figure. These figures have a very distinct look with a large rectangular head, small body, round black (typically) eyes and they are about three and a half inches tall. Also, the majority of people that are into these toys are teenagers and adults - not kids.

Once you get one, it’s impossible to not want more

It’s safe to say that there is a Funko POP figure for any character in the pop culture world you can think of. From the brand new Avengers: Infinity War to the classic Indiana Jones to even Bob Ross you’ll never know who you’ll find. And with Limited Edition “Chase” and glow in the dark versions of figures you find yourself spending more than you’d like to admit in order to get your hands on a rare version of Batman. Some figures can only be found at specific retail stores such as Hot Topic, Walmart, Target and even convenience store chain 7-11. Resellers often put exclusive versions like this on eBay however, the price will be much higher for sure.

Others are exclusive to conventions, such as San Diego Comic Con, and resale for these can sometimes reach the triple digits.

A history not many know

Despite Funko being so popular many do not know its origin story. Because of this, fans are looking forward to the release of “Making Fun - The Story of Funko” on May 25 on Netflix.

The trailer showcases employees of the brand and screaming fans as they share their excitement for POPs. A standout moment of the trailer comes when a man tells of how he has made friends with people from multiple different countries through their mutual love for Funko.

A collection that never stops growing

Some collectors have over 400 POP figures while others, like myself, have a little over 20.

The joy of the product comes from getting one you’ve been searching all over for or, completing a series for your favorite show or movie. Funko also makes t-shirts with their signature stylized characters on them and these are often bundled with a POP too. Perhaps the best part about collecting these items is that they do increase in value as some become “vaulted” - meaning production of new ones stops. And, like most collectibles, they are even more valuable if you leave them unopened and in the box!