Meghan Markle has won over the masses and the fact that she makes Prince Harry so happy only adds to her popularity. She's not shy about sharing some of the ugly things she's endured through the years stemming from her biracial background, but she has overcome all of this and is about to become Prince Harry's bride. This is making many across the globe very proud of this woman today.

Meghan has no time to waste on those who see her as an opportunist and for the hatred that they spew her way, she simply goes on with her daily life and much of that has to do with making Harry happy.

What is going on in Meghan's life behind the scenes today is not only very sad for her, but embarrassing as well.

An embarrassment for Meghan

It was recently revealed that photos of Meghan's dad circulating online this week were staged and the person behind the staging of those pictures is Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Markle. Samantha admitted to being the culprit behind these snapshots the day after they emerged to the masses.

So what's up with these pictures? It seems Meghan's dad, Thomas Markle, was captured in photos sitting at a computer, which seemed innocent enough.

But when you looked a bit closer you could see a news story about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the screen. It didn't take long for the accusations to fly that Mr. Markle's photos were staged to show Thomas reading this story.

Staged photos

It seems a photographer, Jeff Rayner, worked with Thomas Markle to find the best poses and angles for the photos.

This took place inside an internet cafe in Mexico, where Meghan's father lives. The pictures were posted online by the Daily Mail on Sunday.

Once people got a gander at the photos, he was accused of taking advantage of Meghan's up-and-coming wedding fame to make some money. That wasn't the case at all, claims Samantha, who confessed that it was her idea for her father to pose for some pictures.

She claims that this idea came to her after the media continued to make her father look "bad" and she felt this was so "unfair," according to Us Weekly Magazine.

Just trying to help... really?

Samantha claims her idea was to offer up some nice photos of their father for not only their father's benefit but for the "benefit of the royal family" as well. She made this claim in a tweet that has since been deleted, according to Us Magazine. She also said in that tweet that they had "no idea he would be taken advantage of." She made sure to add that "it was not for money."

Meltdown for bride-to-be

In a more recent article from Us Weekly, it was reported that when the news of these "staged photos" was revealed to Meghan, she became "hysterical." While this is a fairy tale type of scenario with Meghan marrying a prince, the stress surrounding the entire process has to be enormous.

Meghan first had to be accepted into the royal family and even take lessons before becoming the newest member of the U.K. Royals. She was scrutinized by some in the public and at a time like this one would think your own family would be there for you, but in Meghan's case there were a few family members who were ready to knock her down some more.

She has gotten nothing but grief from her half-sister, who announced early on in Meghan's engagement that she was going to write a book and offered some rather scathing critiques of Meghan. Then there was her half-brother who also had some things to say about his half-sister who was about to become the bride of Prince Harry.

Dad bows out, Prince Charles steps in

After the picture staging news was revealed, her father bowed out of attending Meghan's wedding due to health problems. She was "devastated" that her dad would not be walking her down the aisle. This would be devasting for any bride to have her father drop out of the wedding event days before it is slated to happen.

It was just learned today that Prince Charles will step in and do the honor of escorting Meghan in her father's place. According to "Fox & Friends" on Friday morning, Meghan Markle has asked her future father-in-law to do the honors and he has agreed to do so. This is not only wonderful for Meghan, but the world is thinking extremely nice things about Charles today for coming to the rescue.

The news of Prince Charles stepping in to make Meghan's day complete sends a message that no matter what anyone else has to say, the royal family is welcoming Meghan with open arms. Even though some of Meghan's family members don't seem to be embracing her happiness, the royal family, as well as the masses across the globe, will be celebrating Meghan and Prince Harry's royal wedding tomorrow.