Fans of “Rick and Morty” have learned the value of patience when it comes to new seasons of the show. Season one began in 2013, season two began in 2015, and season three began in 2017. This two year window between seasons has caused fans to anticipate each season more and more, but at the same time caused them to become frustrated in the long hiatus between each season. This, coupled with the fact each season was less than twelve episodes, caused many fans to event critique the work ethic of the creators of the show and the Adult Swim staff.

The fanbase is known for it's erratic behavior, often chastising those online who they accuse of being "not smart enough" to understand the show.

Fans also had riot like like behavior during events at several McDonald's that had a promotional deal with the show for the newly popularized Szechuan Sauce.

Fans support the show in multiple ways - not just views and ratings

However, some very good news greeted them on May 10, when it was announced 70 episodes had been ordered for show. As Adult Swim’s highest rated and most popular program, this is good news for anyone involved on the business side of the show as well. With deals with Funko, Hot Topic, FYE and other popular entertainment outlets, profits will continue to increase even more than they already have. Fans have brought various figurines, books, and more to the point of them selling out with a restock date unknown on most platforms.

In addition, hundreds of fans have created artwork in forms of drawings, paintings, and even animation to showcase their admiration for the series which the official social media accounts showcase every Friday.

The creators took to social media to announce the news

Earlier this year, creator Dan Harmon admitted he had not even started working on the upcoming fourth season because Adult Swim had not contacted him to order any new episodes.

This initially caused fans to worry and only fueled the speculation and uncertainty of a fourth season even existing. But he and co creator and voice actor Justin Roiland shared an Instagram video to proclaim they were officially “working on” the upcoming fourth season in the style of their usual offbeat humor.

Roiland also took to his Instagram to announce the 70 episode deal with two drawings by himself.

Season three of ‘Rick and Morty’ was released on DVD this week and the past two seasons are also available wherever DVDs are sold.