It seems that only the creme de' la creme of the world obtain an invite to the Met Gala each year. Only the most beautiful, fashionable, and popular Celebrities obtain approval, from Ms. Chairman Anna Wintour, to grace red carpet event that people have named "The Oscars of the East Coast." It seems that the Met Costume Institute Chairman Ms. Wintour has been creating a philanthropic mixture of success since 1995. She gave her recipe of success to the New York Times "Take a jigger of famous names from fashion, add film, politics, and business, and mix." Does everyone think that this is a smooth drink?

Why did one publisher, Paul Wilmot of Paul Wilmot Communications, call the event an "A.T.M. for the MET." This could be the case with people like Kim Kardashian on the guest list.

What was the theme for the 2018 Met Gala?

The theme for the 2018 Metropolitan Institue Gala red carpet event was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination." As if the men and women of fashion, film, and finance were not the stars among stars already. Both Chairman Anne Wintour and Met Curator Andrew Bolton wanted to showcase the beauty of the Roman Catholic Church. This is not surprising since the Vatican is the home of generations of paintings, sculptures, and statues.

The guests were asked that their wardrobe be a mixture of today's fashion and their concept of religion.

While some celebrities gave a clear vision of what they considered a heavenly body looked like, some may have confused Met Gala attendees and celebrity fans. While some fashion choices were subtle with the mixture of fashion and religion. Could some just be too extreme?

Is the Met Gala making fun of the Roman Catholic Church?

For a moment, the idea for this latest philanthropic fundraiser wasn't going to happen. The glamour of fashion and film often leaves the church with a bad taste in its mouth. Hollywood is the city of excess and riches. Which seems to clash with Pope Francis beliefs of poverty to benefit the world.

Not surprising that Pope Francis and Anne Wintour, might not have come to terms since Jorge Mario Bergoglio took the name Francis after St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of the poor and sick.

It seems that Pope Francis has no problem with mixing costumes, fashion, and the Roman Catholic Church together. The belief is that bringing images and symbols of the church into mainstream fashion will peek interest around the world. A smart concept since there were nearly a hundred and forty thousand visitors to 2014 and 2015 Costume Institute display. It seems that Pope Francis agreement to mix costumes, fashion and religious aspects of the Catholic church is already changing the life of one struggling costume and fashion designer.

The reason for The Met Gala?

In a generation of shows like "Face Off," a show that celebrates the world of make-up and costumes, it seems that the art world doesn't consider costumes and fashion as art. So while thousands and sometimes millions of dollars are poured into curating art from around the world, while costumes and fashion are not considered pieces of art that are in demand. For 13 years, Ms. Wintour has been trying to open the public eye to other forms of art beyond the classics. It seems that she has been doing an amazing job. The event raised nearly 1.9 million dollars for the future of the Metropolitans Costume Institute.

2018 Met Gala: Celebrity heavenly bodies

Rihana had to stop the red carpet clamor with her Pope inspired Palpal Tiera.

How else would the priestess of music arrive as the co-chairman of the Metropolitan Museums of Art's Costume Institute's annual event? Costar Anne Hathaway donned a red Valentino creation and a gold spike updo that seemed to be inspired by the Virgin Mary herself. Katy Perry, who is known for wearing amazing stage costumes, took the heavenly and Catholic concept to the extreme by showing up as an Angel from heaven.

Who did the Met Gala snub and who should have been snubbed?

Did Oceans 8's Sandra Bullock get snubbed at the 2018 Met Gala? While performer Rihana was co-chairman for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute’s annual event, it seems that the actress that took on the role of Met Gala lead heist man Debbie Ocean is missing from the pageantry.

Many of Sandra Bullock's co-stars did their best to make an effort. While it seemed that some Met Gala attendees of fashion, film, and finance seemed to be using the philanthropic event for their own benefit. Some celebrities seemed like they didn't even conceive what either heavenly bodies or Catholic Imagination means.

While Cohen looked amazing on the Met Gala red carpet, Chadwick looked like a black Elvis Presley. Was anyone else waiting for his pose to come up and take his cloak and dab his sweaty forehead? Complex Pop Culture claimed that Chadwick was "taking us to church." Maybe if he was serving fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches afterward.

Grimes and Elon Musk seemed to think that this was an event where they could spread the Tesla brand.

With Elon Musk wearing a pin with the Tesla logo and Grimes wearing a Tesla chocker it seemed like both were subtly promoting a concept that was not heavenly or imaginative. Honestly, the Tesla choker seemed to make the statement that Elon Musk is in control and Grime is a peice of property. It seems that some were not happy with people simply wearing dresses and tuxedos to the event.

While everyone has an opinion about costumes and fashion this annual event is important.

Costumes and fashion are part of the world's history. Artist has been adding new forms of art to society for years. Why not through clothing, headpieces, jewelry, and adornment. The Met Costume Institute and Anne Wintour are trying to preserve this history for future generations. It seems that this grand event has spurred other ways to improve the lives of others. Performer Jennifer Lopez reported that her mosaic Balmain evening gown for the Met Gala is to be auctioned off to benefit the organization RED. That is definitely a way to have catholic inspired imagination through the 2018 Met Gala.