Bravo star Ramona Singer is healing from minor injuries she sustained during Memorial Day weekend. She was driving her Maserati on Saturday when she rear-ended a Mazda. She reportedly caused a four-car pile-up on New York’s Montauk Highway, according to TMZ. The accident occurred after she left Southampton on Saturday. Ramona allegedly took her eyes off the road for a brief time while she was driving. The result is that the “Real Housewives of New York” ("RHONY") reality star did not see the first vehicle, in a chain, come to a stop. She hit the car in front of her.

The Mazda was third in the line of cars involved in a fender bender accident.

No alcohol, no drugs, no ticket, but totaled Maserati in star’s accident

There was no alcohol or drugs involved in the Bravo star's accident, according to New York police, TMZ reported. Ramona, who is 61, was rattled emotionally from the wreck, according to People TV. Though she was not seriously hurt, Ramona didn’t walk away emotionally or physically unscathed.

The "RHONY" cast member suffered swelling and bruises following the wreck, a source close to the Bravo star told People.

She spent her weekend recovering from the accident that left her feeling “unsettled,” the source also stated. Ramona went to the hospital via ambulance. After receiving treatment for minor injuries, she was released.

Despite causing the accident, police did not ticket the "RHONY" star, TMZ relayed. Ramona’s Maserati was totaled.

The front of her car was badly damaged. Ramona’s Memorial Day weekend was spent recovering at her home in Southampton. She posted a photo on her Instagram account of her backyard. She captioned the picture, saying that she was grateful to “all who sacrificed.”

Social media users take exception to early accounts of Bravo star's accident

Social media users took exception, though, to the star also conveying her apology for not placing many flags outdoors much sooner.

The aspect that inspired people to take offense was the media portraying the accident as a minor fender bender.

Comments on Ramona’s Instagram account, as well as statements posted after TMZ’s report, reflect that people do not want anyone giving the accident a PR spin. That her Maserati was totaled points to the significance of the impact, and points to the fact that there was substantial damage.

TMZ not only updated its initial report to include the fact that the accident was more serious than a “fender bender,” Ramona, too, edited her photo caption, which now reads, “It’s Memorial Day,” along with, ”Thanks to all who sacrificed.”

People penning comments took the accident and resulting reports seriously, and, it seems, hope to convey the gravity of how bad it could have been because Ramona took her eyes off the road.

Following TMZ’s report, Lydia Morgan asked the website why Ramona did not receive a ticket.

Morgan pointed out that the "RHONY" star had to have been driving too close (or fast) behind the Mazda. Ramona’s Maserati, after all, had to have more than $1,000 damage for insurance to declare it totaled. The amount of damage elevates the accident above the level of “fender bender” as originally reported.

A good number of Instagram users replied to Ramona’s photo and statement as well. A user going by the moniker @mami_shamp00, stated, “because of your negligence someone could have lost their life.”

The Daily Dish, which is run by Bravo, focused its report on the accident, minus the cause, and how Ramona spent her weekend with her “gal pals” and “lounging” in her “beautiful backyard.”

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