In the six months that "Queen Sugar" has been off the air, the series underwent yet another showrunner change. Kat Candler, who has been a director since the first season, has taken the position of head writer. While the first season tackled the dynamics between the Bordelon siblings and their different takes on how to run the family farm, season two focused more so on their love lives. What will season three bring under Kat Candler? According to Variety, Kat Candler hints that "legacy, identity, and the blood of the land" will be the three big themes of season three.

Could we potentially see the impact of the trials and tribulations that farmers are currently going through under the Trump era? We'll have to tune in to find out. For now, let's pick up where we left off:

Ralph Angel's reeling

Ralph Angel is trying to coerce Blue into going to school after a slow start. He's down because he's missing Darla (and has been acting out by getting in fights at school). When he catches a box with Darla's name on it, he asks what Ralph Angel plans on doing with it, and he quickly tells him that he has some things he needs to send her.

It's clear that he's still reeling from his big breakup with Darla after the reveal that Blue may not be his son after all (a plot point that Ava DuVernay says she had planned from the beginning according to an article from TVInsider).

Later on at the house, Hollywood talks about his upcoming wedding to Vi, and Ralph Angel's demeanor changes. Their wedding talk has brought up the painful memories he had of being engaged to Darla and almost marrying her.

Blue continues to disobey Ralph Angel and act out when he runs away from him while the family goes to a game at the high school.

He asks him what's going on with him, and tells him that he needs to start listening to him. Will Blue acting out be an ongoing issue this season? That night, Darla FaceTimes Ralph Angel. He immediately hands the phone to Blue in bed so he won't have to speak to her. He overhears Blue asking her to come home soon as he misses her and wants her to be there with him.

The next day, Ralph Angel is with both of his sisters as he receives the paternity test results. Is Blue his biological son? The answer is no. Ralph Angel says that "It don't change nothing," over and over again as his sisters comfort him. It's a powerful scene, and probably the best one of the episode. At the end of the episode, Tamika arrives and gives Ralph Angel some of that "comfort" that she offered him earlier.

Charley's master plan and Micah's inspiration

Charley's on a morning run that leads up to a gigantic mansion that was recently purchased.

She reminds an annoyed Micah that college recruiters are coming and that he needs to be ready. Micah's clearly still reeling from the events that went down last season (i.e. his traumatic run-in with a racist cop and getting expelled from school for taking down a racist monument).

Later on, Charley has her meeting with Tom Landry. He mentions that Charley may still be the face of Queen Sugar for PR purposes, but he will be in charge. He continues to make not-so-subtle digs at her about the ways he had sabotaged her last season (taking farmers from her, sabotaging her community events, and finally, mentioning her father). Charley manages not to let his remarks get to her (although we do see her fake smile fade after Landry exits the room).

At Aunt Vi's, Charley and Ralph Angel talk about her plan in the kitchen. She tells him that she'll dig up all their dirt and bring down every shareholder she can. Like Ralph Angel said last season, Charley is clearly on some "Godfather sh*t!" While at the high school, Charley runs into the racist cop who arrested Micah and put a gun in his mouth.

Charley notices that he's there with a grandchild, but says nothing and quickly returns to the gym. While there, she and Remy spot one another. It's a quick but bittersweet moment. During the basketball game, a small group of students kneel during the singing of the National Anthem.

It invokes hate speech from racists, but the sight of the protests, along with seeing his Aunt Nova sitting down while everyone else stands during the anthem, inspires Micah.

After the game, he says that he'll be hanging out with some friends and will get a ride home later. He runs into the group of protestors, with whom he shares a quick exchange.

At a restaurant, Charley tries to make things less awkward between her and Remy because Aunt Vi considers him family. The chance to break the ice fails as Remy turns down Charley's offer to come over to spend time with the group. While there, she runs into Jacob Boudreaux, who talks about their "dirty little secret." Remy notices this from afar and doesn't look too enthused.

That night, Charley manages to get police footage of the same racist cop beating on someone in an alleyway. It looks like Charley's planning on bringing down more than the Landry/Boudreaux Clan. Hopefully, she will be able to keep it all together. Charley calls Micah, worried as he was supposed to be home half an hour ago. He tells her that he can't freak out every time she's late (maybe Micah is trying to move on from that horrific day while Charley is still panicking about it).

The following morning, Charley and Proctor talk, where the latter reveals that he has an upcoming back surgery that will make him incapacitated for the majority of the upcoming farming season.

Charley tells Proctor how much she appreciates him and that she promises to take care of the community.

Nova's big opportunity

Nova's in a meeting where she's currently being offered a book deal. When they ask about her life, she gives a quick summary of her always being an activist and her love of community. The people she's in a meeting with don't seem too interested in that, and it's something Nova picks up on fairly quickly. They have the power to make her a big star. The question is, will she take the chance?

Nova comes to see Aunt Vi, who went on a trip to Italy with Hollywood (remember that the two came into some big-time money at the end of last season). She comes to tell her that she's been offered a book deal, but she needs to make sure that it's the right thing to do.

But enough of that because Nova's ready to talk about planning Vi and Hollywood's upcoming wedding!

Nova and Charley have a nice sisterly moment about Nova using her strength and wisdom to make her decision. It's a cute moment that Micah manages to capture on camera. Followed by some family time, the Bordelon Family head to the local high school (that Nova and Ralph Angel attended) to see a game, and Micah is taking pictures (photography seems to be his new hobby).

Nova sits during the singing of the National Anthem but supports those who protest by taking a knee. It causes commotion from a racist crowd who hold up a Confederate Flag and tell the students to go back to "where they came from."

Later, at a restaurant after the game, Nova berates a group of men who talked badly about the protestors just because they interrupted the basketball game.

Nova meets with the protestors the next day at The High Yellow, and they tell her that they "may be little, but they'll be loud." It's another moment that gives Nova something to think about.

In the end

Things I didn't mention much about the premiere included Hollywood's protectiveness of Vi due to her being diagnosed with Lupus last season. Vi seemed annoyed with it, and while the issue was seemingly squashed while the two had a talk in the bathroom, I'm sure it'll be a source of conflict as the season continues.

"Queen Sugar's" season premiere starts off strong as it lays down the groundwork for overarching storylines for our core characters while also throwing a few obstacles in their path. Queen Sugar is at its best when the show focuses on family and the future, and this premiere gave us both of those things. Catch the second night of the premiere tomorrow at 10 pm on OWN.