"Queen Sugar" just revealed the final set of directors for its all-female team this season, according to Deadline. It's just another way the show has managed to go where few shows have gone before. Tonight, it continues to do so by focusing on our Bordelon family even deeper. A lot of tonight's plots continue directly from last week's stellar episode in this recap.

'Queen Sugar': Micah goes to public school

Micah starts the episode off by choosing what his first outfit will be for his fresh start at public school. Charley comes in and reminds him that she's fully trusting him to do his best and to stay out of trouble.

The next day, he and Kiki walk down the hallway together but are bummed to find they have no classes together. At lunch, Micah runs into Asha (played by Niko Austen Smith according to South Strand News), the girl from the protest, and her friends. Kiki sits with them, although there seems to be some odd tension between her and Asha when they hesitantly greet one another. I guess we'll see what's going on there later.

That night, the kids hang out and ride an ATV. While Kiki rides the ATV, Asha and the group ask what really made Micah come? He admits he likes being around other black people and was inspired by their protests.

He can relate to them. Micah then takes a group selfie with them. So far, he's fitting in just fine with his new friends.

When he gets back to Nova's, he has a talk with her and calls Charley selfish and "power hungry." He wishes that his mom could be more like her, but Nova quickly tells him that that's not the way to see things.

No matter how different the methods of achieving freedom are, black people have always fought for the same outcome. The conversation is enough to send Micah back home to his mom so he can tell her that he trusts her judgment.

Charley reveals her plan to take down the Landry Clan

In 'Your Distant Destiny,' Charley finds that one of her farmers is forced to break their contract with Queen Sugar Mill because of Sam Landry.

Charley's guilt begins to kick in. She says she'll waive the penalty fees that come with breaking the contract, and the farmer tells her to keep being a good person just like her father was.

Nova asks Charley about her working with the mill, and Charley says that she's got access to their enemy's information and she can bring them down this way. Charley promises that they won't see things coming. Charley says that there's no game to "win," but one to eliminate. Aunt Violet and Hollywood also try to talk sense into Charley, but it doesn't work. After feeling unwelcome, Charley asks Micah to leave with her. He doesn't, so she storms out.

Ralph Angel and Charley talk about how Micah didn't come with her, and how she can't protect him from the world anymore.

She still doesn't want him to hate her. Ralph Angel assures her that it won't be the case. It's nice to see these two take comfort in one another since Ralph Angel seemed to have strongly disliked his sister last season.

Micah is back home the next day, and Charley apologizes. Charley tells Micah that she's all in with her master plan (but doesn't promise to "win" like Micah asked). It was smart of her to say this since that's really all she can do as there are no guarantees.

Hollywood and Vi attend his reunion

Hollywood and Vi are starting to have conflicting ideas on what to do with their money (Hollywood loves spending it, while Violet wants to save it).

Hollywood says he's got a reunion coming up, and he wants to show Vi off. Before that, he presents her with a ring. It looks like this engagement is official now!

At the reunion, things seem to be going smoothly until a woman seems to give Hollywood some lingering hugs. This same woman, named Charmaine, accuses Violet of being Hollywood's mother. She feigns surprise as she reveals that Hollywood and her used to date. She tries to get Hollywood to dance with her, but he turns her down and takes Violet to the floor instead. They dance for a little bit, but Violet seems to be a little short of breath. She excuses herself to take a drink. Hopefully, her lupus isn't acting up, as too many issues could prove to be dangerous.

Violet gets some fresh air, and Hollywood comes to join her. He suggests that they call it an early night so they can spend some alone time together.

Nova needs new ideas

Now that Nova's quit The Daily News, she's run into her first obstacle. The articles she used from The Daily News that would have been in her book can no longer be used. It's a rather big obstacle, and now she needs to pitch a new idea.

In the meantime, Nova and Ralph Angel meet for breakfast at The High Yellow. She inquires into how Charley managed to get all the farmers to come back to the mill. Nova's concerned as to what that could mean when having a plan is mentioned.

At a family dinner, Nova blatantly accuses Charley of working with the Landry's. Charley's silence answers it all. Nova accuses her of betraying the family and being a liar. She tells Charley that she can't win a rigged game. Later on, Nova receives her small check and realizes that quitting her stable job to pursue this book will be far from easy.

However, a late night chat with Micah inspires her. Maybe Nova's book can be on the struggle that the black farmers down here go through. Before you know it, she's surrounded by books, putting post-it notes on her blackboard, and forming a smile on her face as her new pitch slowly comes to fruition.

Ralph Angel has an awkward moment with Blue

Ralph Angel is leaving work but is attempted to be persuaded by his coworkers and boss to stay for a game of spades. They tell him that he deserves a good woman (one who can also pick up Blue so he can stay). Speaking of which, Ralph Angel has another new girl (different from the one from the premiere) that he actually lets into the house this time.

Unfortunately, little Blue discovers her undressing (or redressing?) after waking up from his sleep. Ralph Angel quickly scoops him up to take him back to bed. The next day, Ralph Angel comes to pick up his check and runs into the boss's daughter (he leaves Blue in the car to FaceTime Darla). There seem to be some sparks there, but whether or not they'll be capitalized on has yet to be seen.

Ralph Angel comes into Blue's room and notices that he's wet the bed. Blue explains that it happened yesterday too, but when he went to tell him, he was with "some lady." Ralph Angel tells Blue that it was okay and that he can always tell him what's going on because accidents happen. That night, Ralph Angel's latest hook-up shows up to his house, but he turns her away this time. The following morning, Darla returns to the farm, and Blue runs out to greet her. Naturally, Ralph Angel isn't smiling.

'Queen Sugar': In the end

"Queen Sugar" delivers another solid episode as Micah immerses himself in his new friend group, Nova gets new inspiration, and the entire family is now aware of Charley's dangerous gamble.

Ralph Angel seems to have stopped with the random hook-ups to focus on being a father to Blue. With Darla back in the picture, his storyline is likely to get a whole lot more interesting. "Queen Sugar" screens on OWN.