Wednesday’s episode, “Fruit of the Flower”, uncovered the truth behind Ernest’s relationship with Lorna, which caused Nova to recognize how much her knowledge of her parents’ relationship affects how she approaches romance.

Charley’s advice to Nova

The episode opened with an anxious Nova seeking Charley’s help to find an outfit for her upcoming television appearance, though Charley’s judgment of her sister’s wardrobe led to a conversation about Nova’s beau, Robert (who gave her a key to his place the last time he was in town). As free-spirited as Nova is, it’s evident that the course of their relationship is headed in a direction she isn’t comfortable with or prepared for.

The fact that she’s always been able to see the end at the beginning, but cannot ascertain the expiration of her romance with Robert, is quite frightening, not to mention that their careers are now intertwined. From her own experience of mixing business with pleasure, Charley advised Nova not to go down a road she isn’t interested in traveling. (It was incredible to see the Bordelon sisters bond in this scene because, over the years, they’ve allowed a lot of things to destroy their sisterhood.)

Ralph Angel agreed to go to premarital counseling

Last Wednesday Darla’s interest in trying premarital counseling was met with resistance from Ralph Angel. She opined that it could steer their relationship in the right direction and help them move on from the past.

This week we witnessed slight growth in Ralph Angel’s character because he attended a premarital session with Darla. They learned that neither of them has seen, up close in their own home, the model for the partnership they seek. Father Julian instructed them to do a listening and communication exercise at home before moving forward.

While Ralph Angel was indifferent about doing the homework assignment, he followed through with it near the end of the episode. And although he put forth the effort, there is concern regarding their future.

Nova and Aunt Vi’s animosity toward Lorna

When Nova stopped by Charley’s loft unannounced for a second opinion on the outfits she purchased, she ran into Lorna who told her the truth about her parents’ relationship.

Lorna explained that Ernest and Trudy were already broken up when she met him in California. “He told me that Trudy was a free-spirit. She wanted a more free-flowing relationship, but he wanted tradition,” Lorna said—a desire her and Ernest both shared. After they found out that Trudy was pregnant, Ernest went back to St. Josephine to confront her wherein he learned that Trudy no longer wanted to be with him. Following this revelation, Nova asked Aunt Vi what really happened between her parents and Vi’s recounting of the situation was identical to Lorna’s. It’s revealed that Aunt Vi’s animosity toward Lorna stems from two things: 1) She’s white; and 2) She stood in the way of Ernest and Trudy getting back together.

Nova mentioned how she can’t recall her mother ever saying anything hateful about Lorna and accused Aunt Vi of being the reason why she’s disliked her for all these years, deciding it’s time for her to give Lorna a chance.

One new piece of the puzzle

The episode ended with Nova letting herself into Robert’s apartment, where she confided that she’s tired of pushing him away and trying to figure out how their relationship is going to end. As they embraced each other, he let her know that he’s in it for the long haul. Fingers crossed that she’s finally ready to accept real love.

‘Queen Sugar’ is the epitome of poetry

The writers did a phenomenal job scripting “Fruit of the Flower.” The reason this series is a success is that it inspires conversation.

Whether it’s showing how children inherent patterns from their parents, tackling interracial relationships and friendships, portraying solidarity between black men, or the importance of acknowledging the past, Queen Sugar opens the floor for audiences to have an honest dialogue about issues that matter.

You can catch ‘Queen Sugar’ on OWN on Wednesdays at 10/9c. Ava DuVernay