Some of Trump’s strongest and most loyal supporters have been farmers and their communities. These are the people who feed the US and many countries beyond. One of those countries is China which imports billions of dollars in US farming products -- from fruits and vegetables to pork. This is the way trade has been for years. That is until recently when Trump decided to propose tariffs on aluminum and steel. This sparked a response from the Chinese, proposing their own tariffs.

Among the many exported foods China wants to levy tariffs against are soybeans and pork which are two of the US’ highest exports.

Farmers are now planning their crops around the market and the possibility of their livelihoods being excessively taxed. This means soybean and pork farmers could potentially lose their farms.

The president speaks

At Monday’s (Apr. 9) White House Cabinet Meeting, The President answered questions from the media. In addition to expected questions about Syria and Russia, the president was asked about his tariff threats against China and their proposed counter. The president was also reminded of the current and future struggles farmers would face with China’s looming tariffs.

Trump responded, saying: "It's not nice when they hit the farmers, specifically, because they think that hits me." He also added: "Farmers are great patriots, they understand that they are doing this for the country.

We’ll make it up to them and in the end, they will be much stronger than they are now.” (CNN Money).

Taking tone, posture, volume, and cadence into consideration, it was still unclear exactly what the president meant. Or perhaps it was not the lack of clarity but bewilderment. Many may even ask, are we now proposing to sacrifice and munch on the very hand that feeds us?

What does that mean?

Later, in Monday’s (Apr. 9) White House press briefing, press secretary Sarah Sanders was challenged with having to explain what the POTUS meant in his response about farmers and making it up to them. As always, Sanders was ready with a response.

She read from her notes and explained that Trump has been working with his team in terms of figuring out how to respond to China’s attack on American farmers.

Sanders also shared that President Trump asked the Department of Agriculture to protect farmers and present a plan with specifics, which is anticipated to be announced in the upcoming days/weeks.

Words matter

Although no tariffs have been enacted on either side, the threats have been enough to negatively impact US farmers and everyone they serve. Last week, one farmer who supported and voted for Trump told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that he already feels like a casualty.

So it is unclear how Trump will make up sacrificing part of his base and literally Betting The Farm, especially if there is no farm to bet.