Things have not been easy for Mackenzie Standifer. "Teen Mom OG" fans know very well that she has dealt with a lot of stress since she married Ryan Edwards. Despite being one of the more unpopular cast members on "Teen Mom OG," viewers have to admit that she has really stood by Ryan's side through thick and thin.

Did Mackenzie Standifer finally see the light?

However, every woman has her breaking point and it now being wondered if Mackenzie Standifer has finally hit hers. It was supposed to be a happy time for Mack after she and Ryan Edwards announced they were pregnant in February, but just a day after announcing that she and Ryan were expecting a son, who they will name Jagger, in October, things went from okay to really bad, super fast.

As previously reported, Ryan Edwards was arrested on heroin-related charges back in March. He was also outed by at least three women on Tinder, claiming that he had been attempting to hook-up with them after his marriage to Mackenzie Standifer. He was also reportedly photographed with his "eyes rolling back in his head," causing many to question his sobriety again.

Did Ryan Edwards push Mack to the limit?

He was also slammed with a protection order by his ex, Maci Bookout, which was recently dismissed and replaced by a mutual restraining order. It was a lot for Standifer to handle all at once. That being said, Mackenzie knew just who she was getting all along. If that terrifying ride to their first wedding location where Ryan was nodding off behind the wheel did not alert her, then, well, you get what you get in this situation.

But, now many "Teen Mom OG" fans believe that since Mackenzie Standifer has appeared to have quit Instagram, that it is a sign that she and Ryan Edwards' marriage is on the rocks, according to The Hollywood Gossip reports. This move has been seen by some fans as a sign that Mackenzie may just be fed up. Standifer's IG account has been taken over by her friend and wedding photographer, Christian, who has posted some strange hints relating to Mack's next moves.

It appears that he has suggested that Mackenzie has opted to change careers and is now allegedly selling insurance. Does this mean no more reality television for Mack? Christian has also not posted one word about Ryan Edwards. Silence is golden, but in this case, it could spell out marriage trouble. It is hard to believe that Mackenzie Standifer has given up on Ryan Edwards just yet.

And the change in jobs is pretty confusing, as it has been reported that Edwards makes six figures on "Teen Mom OG." It is just hard to believe that Mack would give up everything, including Ryan, without more of a fight.

Could it be that Mackenzie Standifer has given Ryan Edwards an ultimatum and this new job is in place should Ryan fail once again? What are your thoughts? Do you believe Mackenzie Standifer has dumped Ryan Edwards, or, are "Teen Mom OG" fans being set up for more reality television drama?