July 6, 2018. That is the date fans need to clear for the new "Ant-Man and the Wasp" movie. The Marvel Studios' production is highly anticipated by fans as the "Clueless" star Paul Rudd, teams up with "Lost" actress Evangeline Lilly, in the trailer below, released May 1. The trailer shows the main character, Scott Lang, played by Rudd, having a conversation with his daughter, about being Ant-Man. Lang, following the aftermath of "Civil War," is trying to balance being a father and the duties of Ant-Man (which include basically continuing to be on-the-run as he was in the first "Ant-Man" in this sequel).

The young girl suggests that he needs a partner, someone to "watch his back."

The full impact of Evangeline Lilly

That partner is none other than the intense, powerful, and kick-butt Hope Van Dyne, or Wasp, played by Lilly. Lilly's suit has more capabilities than Rudd's, like flying, and she also seems to be the brains of the operations (other than Hank Pym, scientist and father of Hope). During one of the fighting scenes, they are devising a plan to take on the lead villain and he suggests he goes high and she goes low. His plan, completely illogical, is shot down by Lilly as she reminds him she's the one with the wings so why would she go low? This scene offers the similar narrative of most female partners and sidekicks who point out the extraneous details missed by their male counterparts (i.e.

Hermione Granger and her role in Harry Potter).

Besides being able to fly, she, and Rudd have the ability to change their size and strength whenever they need. They can become as small as a molecule, or as tall as 65-feet. There is even a scene of raunchy humor as Rudd and "Black-ish's" Laurence Fishburne compare sizes and discuss the largest size to which they've each grown.

In addition to growing her own size, Lilly demonstrates her ability to change the size of other objects, shooting a laser at a salt shaker, causing it to instantly grow to the size of the door, stopping a man from escaping. Her unshakable leadership is demonstrated throughout the trailer as she says phrases like "Follow my lead."

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

Although Evangeline attracts a lot of attention for her powerful role in the movie, Paul Rudd is still the main character and demonstrates his heroism as well.

The trailer starts with the back and forth between scenes of Lang talking to his daughter about being Ant-Man and actual scenes of him fighting and being Ant-Man. He grows to the size of a Transformer and, using a truck as a scooter, catches up with criminals speeding away in their van, then flicks away their guns and kicks them off the road as if they're toys.

There are quite a few scenes of him not being as successful of a superhero, though. He seems to cause mayhem in the city streets as he tries, but fails, to stop a semi-truck from barreling down the street, unsuccessfully remaining discrete, and humorously, not drawing any attention to himself from city residents. He also appears to be getting his butt kicked by the female lead villain in one scene and is also intimidated by Hope's intensity.

Despite those comedic shortcomings, Rudd seems to be a brave, heroic figure, not only to his community but also to his daughter. He and Lilly make a strong, smart, and comedic duo and expectations are high following the release of the trailer found below.