Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor called it quits on their professional relationship during the season finale of "Vanderpump Rules" season six. Throughout the past several episodes, Vanderpump has made it clear that she has been highly disappointed by Taylor's recent behavior and on Monday, she told her former bartender to turn in his resignation after over a decade at SUR Restaurant.

“I knew if I fired Jax he would take the victim role. Jax often does that. He’s just like, ‘It’s me. I’m just like that and I don’t know and I’m an idiot and I’m this…’ No, this is a chance to man up and to actually say, ‘You know what?

I’m screwing up and I need to collect myself together,’" Vanderpump explained to her co-stars, including Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz on the "After Show." "And that was really my message to him,” she added.

“When [Lisa Vanderpump] was talking about ‘Maybe you should resign,’ I was just kind of like, ‘Throw in the towel! Where is the towel? I’ll throw it,'“ Jax Taylor admitted.

Was letting Jax go an emotional experience for Lisa?

“It was a little bit emotional but I also think he wouldn’t be out of my life because he’s so closely connected and you know, sometimes I do give people second chances,” Lisa Vanderpump explained. “Third and fourth and fifth,” Tom Schwartz interjected as he gave Vanderpump a wink.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “As we’ve seen!”

SUR Restaurant was 'like home' for Jax

“[SUR Restaurant] is like home to me. Yes, we all can’t stand each other some weeks. We are all family. We are like brothers and sisters, kind of crazy incestual brothers and sisters," he explained. "That’s kind of weird but we are family at the end of the day.

We’ve all been friends for 10, 15 years. So, yeah, it’s going to suck not going to work everyday and seeing my friends because it wasn’t like work."

"I enjoyed going [to work at SUR]. I liked going but at the same time, it’s less stress because now I don’t have to deal with the murmurs and the noises and I don’t have to hear about it.

I can start fresh which I need to do,” Jax Taylor added.

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