This season on the new show "Ex on the Beach" on MTV, the fans are loving watching Chase McNary of "The Bachelorette" reconnect with his ex Skyler Mikkelson. It looks like they could get back together, but do they? After a ton of social network research, we may just have the answer.

Where are these two now?

One thing that Chase said wasn't an issue in their relationship was distance. He lives in Scottsdale and she is in Denver. Chase said that their issues were that he was ready to settle down and she just wasn't yet. Chase wants to find love and stop his partying ways.

If you pay attention to Skyler's Instagram it is obvious that she is still in Denver. You know that Chase was really settled in Scottsdale and didn't seem to have plans to move either. His parents do have a home in Breckenridge, though. Chase did live in LA for a while, before deciding it was time to settle down in Scottsdale.

If the two have reconnected, then they have found a way to keep it quiet. Neither one of them are posting pictures with each other and are staying quiet about relationships totally. My guess is that they are not together again. Other people from the show haven't denied the fact that they have moved on since it filmed so long ago.

Chase shares how he ended up on the show

It turns out that Chase McNary was supposed to be on the show "The Bachelor: Winter Games." He shared saying, "I made a split-second decision to jump over to MTV to try a new market, try a new production company and network. Going into it, I really didn’t know what I was expecting, didn’t know how it was going to go.” The cast had no idea at all that their exes would be showing up so he didn't even know the option about getting back together with Skyler when he joined the show.

At least he was happy to see his ex unlike some of the cast.

Now if when "Bachelor in Paradise" rolls around, hopefully, Chase McNary will still be single and end up joining the show and finding love there. A lot of love stories have come from this show including Jade and Tanner Tolbert and Carly and Evan Bass. Both are now married with children and it is all because of "Bachelor in Paradise."

Do you think that there is any chance that Chase McNary is back with Skyler Mikkelson?

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