SUR Lounge was a hotspot in West Hollywood, California long before "Vanderpump Rules" began airing in January 2013. As fans well know, the restaurant is just one of Lisa Vanderpump's Los Angeles restaurants and just like her other venues, the restaurant is not only an ideal destination for a great meal, but also an amazing sight to be seen.

When walking into the restaurant, guests are immediately greeted by a host and taken to a seat in one of many areas. In addition to the bar area, which is located on the right upon entry, there are several different sections of the dining room -- both indoors and outdoors.

There's also a garden area and a VIP area. The entire restaurant is stunning with gorgeous chandeliers, iron crosses, floral decor and romantic lighting.

Which meals are worth trying?

After asking a few cast members, including Tom Schwartz, Peter Madrigal, and James Kennedy, what to try at the restaurant, several tasty options were given. First, Schwartz recommended the salmon with mash potatoes and broccoli. Then, Madrigal, who has managed the restaurant for years, suggested several items as well.

The ahi tuna was perhaps the most appetizing of the options given. Not only was the fish perfectly cooked and beautifully presented, it was also paired with a side of seasoned broccolini. Madrigal recommended the skirt steak with salad and grilled veggies as well.

As for James Kennedy, he suggested pasta, which "Vanderpump Rules" viewers well know is a reference to the argument he had with co-star Lala Kent during the sixth season of the show.

In addition to the meals suggested, the goat cheese balls are well worth the money. While there are just three balls per serving, they taste great with a lightly fried shell encasing the goat cheese that doesn't take away from the flavor of the cheese itself.

The item has long been a favorite of Stassi Schroeder and she frequently mentions them on the show.

'Vanderpump Rules' is actually a spinoff series

In January 2013, a couple of years after "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" began airing on Bravo, Lisa Vanderpump, who has been one of the show's full-time cast members since the show's start, was given her own spinoff.

The series was to follow not only Vanderpump, but her entire staff at SUR Lounge. Since its debut, "Vanderpump Rules" has become one of Bravo TV's most popular series and when it comes to its ratings, the show has no problem keeping up with the series that it was spun off of.

Does the cast actually work at the restaurant?

While rumors have swirled which suggest the cast, including Scheana Marie, Jax Taylor, and Lala Kent, don't actually work at the restaurant when they aren't filmed, that isn't at all true. In fact, fans can see the cast any time of year, even when the show is not in production. The cast is also known to visit the restaurant when they aren't working. So, if you are in town and would like to spot a celebrity and enjoy a meal, look no further than SUR Lounge.