Cardi B dropped her first studio album Invasion of Privacy last month and immediately made waves for "She Bad," one of the biggest bangers on the album. The YG collaboration is the perfect example of why Cardi B rose to fame as quickly as she did.

It turns out that something was missing from "She Bad" and now that we know it's not there, fans want to know why. On Wednesday, Kash Doll was on Instagram Live when the truth came out about the new Cardi B track. It turns out that she rapped on the song before Cardi did but her verse was left off when it was added to Cardi's new album.

Kash Doll spits fire

Everyone knows that Cardi B is on fire right now. Hip-hop fans are excited about the former "LHHNY" star and not only is she a chart-topper, but she's highly sought after for shows too. Right now Cardi is scooping up all of the headlines as she grows her family and her career at the same time. However, it looks like one of Cardi's old "Love & Hip Hop" castmates may have gotten the shaft while Cardi rose to the top.

During her IG Live appearance, Kash Doll rapped right along with her verse for "She Bad" and well, it's not bad! So why wouldn't Cardi and YG include it in the song? If you're asking Kash Doll, she doesn't know.

An explanation

In another Instagram Live, Kash Doll can be seen talking about the new Cardi B song again.

This time she admits that she did record a verse for "She Bad" all the way back in January. At that point, Cardi didn't even have her record deal from Atlantic yet but she had gained a lot of fame from "Bodak Yellow" and it was coming.

Kash Doll said that YG contacted her and wanted her to do a feature on the track. She accepted and did just that, delivered a really catchy feature for the popular song.

After that, she says she doesn't know what happened. No one contacted her or even gave Kash Doll a heads up that Cardi was taking the song and that she wasn't going to be on it.

As far as being salty about "She Bad," Kash Doll says she doesn't care. Instead, she decided to put her verse on the "She Bad" remix, which honestly may end up more popular than the original.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like a lot of people care if Kash Doll recorded "She Bad" before Cardi B. After she posted her version on Instagram, the comments quickly filled up with people who thought she was trying to cash in on Cardi's success. Others even criticized her verse like one commenter who said, "Kash Doll is bad but this song ain't cutting it."

Check out Cardi B's version be long and tell us if you think she does "She Bad" better than Kash Doll.