It's been a wild ride to the top for Cardi B. Just a few years ago, she was a newcomer to "Love & Hip Hop New York." Now, Cardi is bigger than the show that made her famous. With multiple chart-topping tracks and a high profile romance, Cardi has been taking over as the new queen of rap.

Now, after weeks of rumors about a Cardi B pregnancy, TMZ confirmed that the "Bodak Yellow" rapper is indeed expecting. On Thursday, it was reported that Cardi is due in July but that's not slowing her down.

Cardi at Coachella

Last year, Beyonce canceled plans to headline Coachella because she was pregnant with twins.

When news of Cardi B's pregnancy came out, people assumed she might do the same. That's already been cleared up though because Cardi isn't canceling her show.

Coachella is next month, which will put Cardi B in or near her third trimester at the time of her show. That won't stop her though. Sources close to the star confirmed that she has no plans to stop working until she no longer has a choice.

This is also great news for those who wanted to see Cardi B on tour with Bruno Mars. It looks like even as a new mom, the show will go on. Cardi is set to go on tour with Bruno Mars in September. According to reports, this is still the plan Only two months after giving birth to Offset's baby, Cardi is expected to get back on the road.

All the signs

Cardi B pregnancy rumors have been going around for a few weeks now. It didn't help that she started wearing outfits that hid her belly. This included Cardi's latest appearance at the iHeartMusic Awards on Sunday. The tulle gown was made by Christian Soriano and was gorgeous. Most Cardi fans knew something was up though since the huge ruffles hid everything under the rapper's chest.

Back in February, BET accused the "Motorsport" artist of "pulling a Kylie Jenner." It looks like she sort of was. Or maybe more of a Khloe Kardashian since the news is out new. Then again, Cardi hasn't officially spoken out about her baby news yet.

Back in February when a fan asked Cardi about a possible pregnancy on Instagram, she responded, “No b***h.

I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.”

Cardi B and Offset got engaged back in October 2017. Initially, it was reported that their wedding planning was postponed due to their busy careers. While Cardi's popularity has been through the roof, it looks like maybe it was the baby news that pushed back those wedding plans. Either way, congrats to Cardi B and Offset!