For some, it might be hard to admit that Cardi B is one of the social media's largest feminist influences. After all, she's just another "sell-out" female rapper, right? That's a hard no for me — and, as it turns out, I'm not the only one who fell in love with this album and its artist!

When you listen to "Invasion Of Privacy", there's something about its infectious beat and nasty language that's straight-up real.

Cardi's honest with us about her past, present, and future, and all the ups and downs of life.

"Get Up 10" is probably the best album intro I've heard in a while, and here's why: it shoots down haters before they can even get a word in. She's giving it all to you on a lyrical platter: how she went "from rags to riches," and how her challenges became fuel for her hard work and imminent success.

After all, she "used to dance in a club right across from [her] school," and now she's the "only person in [her] fam to see six figures." She did what she had to so she could get by, and after lots of social networking, she's come out on top.

Clearly, she has no problem being an independent woman, and she makes sure we know that.

Most of us have heard "Bodak Yellow" —‚ the single that blew up radio stations and surpassed some of the highest charting artists of 2017 — and so we know the line "I don't need to dance, I make money move." This jam is probably the pinnacle of Cardi's expansive career, followed by her collaboration with Bruno Mars in "Finesse." Evidently, this chic chica has a fondness for fine lifestyle and sound.

You've got to love it because she earned it herself.

One of my favorite aspects of her lyrics is that she's able to cuss up a storm to make a point.

By taking back all the feminine derogatory phrases we know all too well, she's taking back what it means to be a female artist — pure independence and freedom of a fluid language. The best example of this is the last song on the album, featuring SZA, "I Do." While some listeners might think it's too self-entitled, I think it's the perfect female empowerment song.

The lyrics, while they may be lewd, focus more on self-love and self-pleasure than trying to please a man. Obviously, Men And Women should be nice and respectful to one another, but that isn't the point: the bigger picture is a shift in power distribution — an equalization between men and women. From dependency to independence. In other words: if a man can ignore texts and go about their business, a woman should be able to do the same thing.

Overall, "Invasion of Privacy" is a great collection of hits because it's not only fun to move to-- its thought-provoking. The motion in her beats motivates motion in our minds and hearts, to take old viewpoints and turn them on their heads, even if it's uncomfortable or shell-shocking. Words are weapons, and Cardi B is an assassin — swinging and taking names--asking ladies to think and act for themselves, and inspiring men to show some respect.