Kanye’s effervescent nature and celebrity status have provided a great platform for him to tackle the stigma associated with mental health issues. The fact that he was politically correct, during a recent interview with Charlemagne, by diverting away from the term “crazy,” which is an over-popularized term in mainstream subculture, showed a level of understanding from the rap icon.

Kanye has faced many trials and tribulations in his life, including a mental health breakdown, and mainstream media tends to stigmatize him for this via labels. Kanye is a unique individual who has learned a lot during his lifetime and always seems to be looking to develop.

He should be praised for his less egocentric ways and his eccentricity should be valued in society for its diversity. Although he is not valued as much for his political opinion, Kanye seems to be breaking the molds and crossing the boundaries set by others.

Kanye certainly does not lack foresight

His past music may not be too modern, but in bringing Kanye to the present he could be the bridge society might use to reduce the stigmatization often associated with mental health. His wife, an entrepreneurial businesswoman with many facets, Kim Kardashian could support him and aim collaborate with Kanye on policies dear to both of them. Such a collaboration would be a force to be reckoned with. One small step for Kim and Kanye, one giant leap, into the political sphere, for them both.

They could be the humanitarian couple of the decade.

Kanye could bring the rap genre into the 21st century of positive conscious

He may even try to change the label of his music. His has a strong belief and faith in life and life's possibilities. His belief in Trump is at face value. Kanye does not look up to him because of his values and policies but because Trump has a voice and is not afraid to use it.

Kanye believes if Trump can become president there are endless possibilities. I think Kanye has found his voice and should aim to collaborate with Trump [VIDEO]and tackle racism and other stigmatizing concepts.

Kanye seems extraordinary to some, but his positive consciousness provides clarity on a certain phenomenon. Although there is lack of understanding when it comes to his concepts, the fact that Kanye knows who he is and what he stands for means there will always be haters trying to tear him down. I can feel the fight in him and his breakthrough has made him stronger as a person. I hope Kanye continues to battle his inner and outer demons and shines subliminally.