Miranda Lambert has her new man Evan Felker exactly where she wants him, under her thumb completely. According to new reports from Radar Online, Miranda has ordered that Evan end his marriage right now. With all the recent homewrecker digs Miranda Lambert has endured in the past few weeks, one might think she would want to lay low when it comes to flaunting her new relationship with currently-married boyfriend Evan Felker.

Miranda Lambert fans not thrilled with new relationship circumstances

However, it appears that Miranda has other plans. She has allegedly demanded that Evan put it in high gear when it comes to ending his current marriage.

Felker is also apparently eager to please Lambert and hightailed it to the courthouse on Tuesday, May 15 to file the paperwork necessary to get the divorce ball rolling to end his marriage with Staci Nelson.

Blake Shelton loves a good dose of karma

Every single detail has been laid out in black and white and states that Felker wanted to make it clear that he wants things rushed along. However, RO's source revealed that it is not Evan who they believe is in such a major hurry and that odds are that Miranda Lambert is behind him (cracking the whip and making sure things move along at her desired speed). The unnamed source also revealed that Staci has been wanting out of this marriage for quite some time now, and that Evan is the one who went into hiding and changed his phone number to avoid Staci.

In the beginning, it was revealed that both Staci and Evan just wanted a quiet and peaceful ending, preferably out of court. But things took a whole different turn once it was revealed that Miranda Lambert's new man was still married to someone else and that Evan Felker left Staci to be with Miranda.

Oddly enough, Evan and his band the Turnpike Troubadours began opening for Miranda around the same time he and Staci began their divorce talk.

It is more than obvious that Evan wants to end his marriage to Staci so that he and Miranda can move on with their relationship.

Country music fans are not quite so accepting of the way this new romance has come about, and have been blasting Miranda for weeks now and calling her out as a homewrecker. As a humorous side note, as soon as the controversy became public and the homewrecker digs began, Miranda's ex, Blake Shelton, simply tweeted one word: "karma."

Of course, Blake did not come right out and mention Miranda by name, but fans got the gist of the message.

Staci Nelson also took to social media, telling followers all was okay and that if she could get through this they could too. Now, it appears that things will continue on a nastier note, with Evan Felker battling Staci Nelson in court. These things never really end on a nice note, do they?

What are your thoughts on Miranda Lambert's new love interest? Do you believe Miranda is pulling all the strings?