Earlier this week, Daz Dillinger from the Dogg Pound took to Instagram to issue a warning to Kanye West. He told the controversial hip-hop star that he better stay in Calabasas because Crips in the Los Angeles area had been put on alert to "f**k up Kanye."

The threat was taken seriously and ended up getting removed from Instagram but not before plenty of screenshots and recordings were taken. News of Dillinger's Instagram video even made it back to Kanye, who didn't think it was funny at all. In fact, Kim Kardashian's husband is scared of what might happen to him according to Hip Hop Overload.

So scared that the site reports Kanye called the police and reported the threat.

Daz doubles down on threat against Kanye

Even though Daz Dillinger's Instagram video was removed, his account is still intact. It didn't take long for Daz to come along and put up a screenshot from the TMZ article about his message to the Crips on Instagram, proving that what he said still stands.

Daz also proclaimed that he was just exercising his right to free speech. The problem is, if Kanye West does end up getting injured or killed by gang members because of Dillinger's order, it could get him in some real trouble.

Daz says Kanye called police

It's unclear if Kanye West really called the police to report Daz Dillinger's Instagram threat or if they just saw.

After all, it was and still is trending along with several other Kanye stories from his latest Twitter rant. Either way, Daz says he's already been contacted by police, who warned him to lay off Kanye.

According to the Hip Hop Overload source, the call to Crips scared Kanye and he really believes that someone might be trying to hurt him.

That may have been enough to ask for police protection but it certainly wasn't enough to stop Kanye from sharing a lot of shocking information lately. Based on what Kanye said during his TMZ appearance, it doesn't look like he's too scared. In fact, he shared his love for Daz Dillinger and the Crips.

Kanye's new interview

On Tuesday, Kanye West released a new interview with Charlemagne where he opened up even more about what has been going on in his life and in his head.

He admitted to having an opioid addiction and even claimed that led to his mental breakdown back in 2016.

Kanye also explained that, despite his obvious need for help, he doesn't see a therapist. Instead, Ye told Charlemagne that he uses the world for therapy and when he needs to talk about how he feels, he just calls someone up. It was clear by how many times Charlemagne brought it up that he really wishes Kanye would see a professional. Hopefully, he'll do it before he says too much if he hasn't already.

So far, Kanye has managed to anger most of his fans at the worst possible time. With two albums coming out in June, it looks like Kanye's life and his livelihood are at stake. After West made a statement about slavery being a choice, there have been many reminders that purchasing Kanye West's album is also a choice and fans (or former fans) should spend their money wisely.