Rappers Kanye West and Jay Z are like brothers, or maybe they were. When Beyonce’s husband released his latest 4:44 album in June 2015, one of his tracks made headlines when it clearly targeted Ye. In the song, Jay branded him as “insane” as well as losing his principles, which reportedly makes Kim Kardashians worried. The reality star is concerned that Ye might end up having health issues again just like what happened to him in November 2016 when he broke down and was hospitalized for over a week. Now, it seems that Ye wants Jay and Bey to just accept Kim with open arms or their feud shall go on forever.

Will they be friends again?

A music industry insider told Hollywood Life that Kanye West is sick and tired of Jay Z and Beyonce putting on a show as if they’re being friendly. It is said that he wants to put an end to it and wants them to just to accept Kim as part of his life now. The source revealed that Ye is sick of Jay treating him like he's not on his level. "He didn’t reach out to Jay after the twins were born which would have been a perfect time to extend an olive branch, but [Yeezy] doesn’t feel that’s up to him," the insider said. Ye allegedly said that it should be Jay who should be the bigger man to make amends and not him.

In the documentary “Public Enemies: JAY-Z Vs. Kanye West,” it seems that Jay and Bey detached themselves from Yeezy when they noticed him getting serious with Kim Kardashian.

It says that the two rappers represent a “different side of modern celebrity,” where Jay is extremely private with his life. Ye, however, is used to being the subject of too much media attention especially when he started dating the socialite, who is (needless to say) a member of the family whose lives are followed by the cameras.

He said though that they are still brothers. Right.

Jay and Yeezy’s feud

When Jay Z dissed Kanye West in one of his tracks in his latest 4:44 album, Yeezy immediately pulled out his music from Tidal. It’s a music streaming service that they launched with Rihanna and Calvin Harris in 2015. TMZ previously reported that Jay owes Ye $3 million, a bonus that he never received after he brought in millions of users when he released his Saint Pablo album in 2015.

Tidal responded that he is still under an exclusive deal and can’t pull out his music just like that.

Do you think that Kanye West and Jay Z should just put their differences aside and be friends again? Let me know your thoughts below!