In what has since amounted to dozens of tweets on Wednesday, rapper Kanye West has expressed his support for Donald Trump. In one of his most recent posts, West has taken his Trump support to another level by taking a shot at Barack Obama, resulting in the loss of millions of followers on Twitter.

Kanye West on Obama

Over the last few years, Kanye West has been in and out of the news news due to his controversial behavior and questionable mental health.

West, who remains in the headlines due to his high-profiled marriage to Kim Kardashian, has been known to make remarks that leave many questioning his well-being. On Wednesday, the award-winning rapper took to Twitter to praise Donald Trump, referring to the president as his "brother" who he shares "dragon energy" with. Kardashian pushed him to clarify his remarks about Trump, tweeting out that he doesn't always agree with the president, but followed with a series of tweets where he showed off his "Make America Great Again" hat signed by the president.

As West continued his pro-Trump posts, Page Six reported that the rapper lost 9 million followers on his Twitter account, though it appears the drop was due to a glitch by the social media platform.

After, Donald Trump responded back in the form of two separate tweets, thanking Kanye West for his kind words and support, the rapper then went off on a series of head scratching posts. In one of his tweets on April 25, West attacked former President Barack Obama for not doing enough on the issue of gun violence in the city of Chicago.

"Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed," West tweeted out.

Kanye West appeared to address the backlash against him due to his support of Donald Trump, mixing in a tweet in an attempt to push back.

"And any fan of me wants Ye to be Ye even when they don't agree because I represent the fact that they can be themselves even when people don't agree with them. Drops mic. Yeezy shrug," he tweeted. As West continued his pro-Trump posts, Page Six reported that the rapper lost 9 million followers on his Twitter account.

Twitter reacts

After Kanye West's tweet attacking Barack Obama, it didn't take long before critics voiced their opposition. "Yup but trump is gonna not only not making things in Chi town better, he'll make them worse. Cmon ye," one tweet read.

"Nah hell outta here w that if u think Trump is gonna do anything," a Twitter user wrote.

"Obama was in office for eight years got us out of the Great Recession, gave the order to kill at the time the worlds biggest terrorist leader, 11 million jobs created under his presidency etc. Obama was a great president," another tweet added.

"Before I was aware you were a Trump lover I thought you were nuts.

Now I know you are. What does this fact have to do with anything? What has Trump done except lie, profess to care about gun control but not really and is a daily national embarrassment," a social media user wrote. "So tell us what has Trump done for Chicago? Better yet WTH have YOU done for Chicago! But charge overprice shoes and rags you call 'fashion,'" a follow-up tweet read.