"Teen Mom 2" cast members Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evens are reportedly having words. It appears that Kailyn has accused Jenelle of using drugs and things are looking to get very nasty between the two reality stars. The "Teen Mom 2" cast, present and former are having a lot of trouble keeping their mouths shut when it comes to other cast members affairs according to In Touch reports.

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry feud

As previously reported, David Eason, who also happens to be Jenelle Evans' husband just shared some nasty comments concerning cast member Leah Messer.

Eason, who was recently fired from "Teen Mom 2" called out Leah after seeing a photo of her and her daughters at a cheer competition. David's got issues with Leah's parenting...Allowing her daughter to wear full make-up according to TeenMomNews.

More drama equals more money for MTV 'Teen Mom' franchise

Now a new beef has broken out this and this time via Kailyn Lowry. Kail defended mom pal Leah, blasting both David Eason and Jenelle Evans. Jenelle then clapped back calling Kailyn out for sticking her nose in a Twitter rant mostly directed at Lowry.

Kail was ready for it and quickly fired back asking social media followers if Jenelle Evans was on drugs. You can bet that "Teen Mom 2" fans are anxiously awaiting Jenell Evans next response to Kailyn Lowry about her alleged "drug use." Neither one of these two "Teen Moms" will let anything go and both really appear to thrive on all the drama.

Not to mention it makes for more exciting reality television.

"Teen Mom 2" cast members are not the only ones who have major problems keeping their differences off the social media. "Teen Mom OG" stars are just as dramatic and just as catty when provoked.

The "OG" drama right now, basically involves Ryan Edwards' drug addiction and cheating issues and some serious jealousy and hate going on between Ryan Edwards, ex- Maci Bookout, and Ryan's newly pregnant wife Mackenzie Standifer.

The tension building between these two is intense, to say the least. Things are not going to get any easier between these cast members anytime soon.

Mack Standifer really dislikes Maci Bookout, and Maci really couldn't care less. You have to admit that with everything that has gone down in Ryan Edwards' life in the past few months that next season's "TM OG" is going to be even crazier!

As for Leah Messer, well she claims she is just going to continue to pray for Jenelle despite her or David Eason's verbal attacks. Okay, fans on this subject are you Team Leah/Kail or Team Jenelle/David? "Teen Mom OG"...Team Maci or Team Mackenzie?