Some might say that after Jenelle Evans demonstrated her gun-toting antics that she's one lucky lady to still have a place on MTV's "Teen Mom 2" show, but Jenelle might not see it that way. She continues to poke the network with a stick by making demands. While this time around MTV refused to give in and meet those demands, they did settle for basically meeting her halfway.

The latest friction is around the "Teen Mom 2" Reunion show, which is filming in New York City this weekend. The stars of "Teen Mom 2" flew in on Thursday and Friday to be there for the show.

Jenelle, however, refused to make her way to the Big Apple without her husband by her side.

Makes demands while on thin ice

The problem with this is that she demanded MTV pay for her husband's airfare and all other expenses so he could travel with Jenelle to the show. That didn't fly with the head honchos over at MTV, and she was told "no." After not getting her own way she threatened not to go to New York City, and it looks like she followed through on that threat.

Radar Online calls Jenelle's demands "outrageous" because her place on the show is not all that secure to be demanding anything. First of all her husband, David has been kicked off the show, for his homophobic and transphobic social media comments.

He is not someone the folks who run the show are eager to be affiliated with at all.

Gun-toting antics

Then there's Jenelle's recent gun-toting antics. She posted a picture of herself online posing with a gun on the heels of the Florida school shooting. That caused major uproar and concerns that this woman lacked any kind of empathy.

More recently she allegedly got so caught up in road rage that she pulled a gun on a stranger.

This last gun incident, which occurred during that road rage event, happened just as they were wrapping up this last season of "Teen Mom 2." While the powers-who-be considered firing her at the time, they opted to keep her and let her finish out the season.

Network's 'worst nightmare'

Right now Jenelle is considered the "network's worst nightmare," claims Radar Online's source. Most anyone with any power affiliated with MTV is aware of her disturbing antics from the Viacom president at the top down to the middle management.

It is very safe to say they are not happy with her over at the network. Apparently, it doesn't phase her a bit because she keeps poking MTV, such as not showing up for the reunion show.

For some unknown reason, MTV met Jenelle halfway. Instead of her coming to New York, which she has refused to do, the folks from MTV sent Dr. Drew to her home in North Carolina. This way she can have her say with the rest of her co-stars about the show, her co-workers, and life in general.

Made co-stars into enemies

Radar Online refers to the relationship between Jenelle and some of her co-stars as "enemies." By MTV sending Dr. Drew out to her house they kill two birds with one stone.

They keep Jenelle out of the way of her enemies, as a few have already threatened to quit over some of her previous antics. At the same time, they have Jenelle in the show with all her glorious drama for the cast's reunion.

Banding together to quit

Just this week it was reported by In Touch Weekly that three of the cast threatened to quit over the drama conjured up by Jenelle. It seems that reports indicate that Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska threatened to take a stand regarding Jenelle and that would include walking away.