Jon Gosselin's recent social media post has a lot of his followers believing that there may have been a change in his custody arrangement with ex-wife Kate Gosselin. As previously reported, Jon Gosselin has been spending a lot of time with his daughter Hannah. The Gosselin sextuplets recently celebrated their 14th birthday earlier this month. However, Hannah is the only one that spent her actual birthday with her dad. It has been no secret that Hannah Gosselin is a true daddy's girl and has been the only one of the Gosselin children that have wanted to spend time with her dad since Jon and Kate's bitter divorce.

Did Jon Gosselin finally win over Kate?

The post, according to In Touch, was posted on Jon Gosselin's Instagram account and stated that Hannah was unavailable to film the video with him, but he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was grateful for all the support they have received this week. Jon went on to talk about a situation, without revealing what the situation actually was. This has led his followers to believe that there has been a change in the custody situation with Kate Gosselin where Hannah is concerned.

Hannah Gosselin makes it clear she is a daddy's girl

At this time, Jon is not spilling any details, but, he sure seems pretty happy about life, especially where Hannah is concerned.

It has always been very evident that Hannah had a close bond with her dad from the beginning.

In 2015, Gosselin filed for custody of Hannah, after his daughter made it clear to Jon that she was not happy living with her mom, Kate Gosselin. It was just last August that Jon and Kate Gosselin made news headlines after engaging in a major public fight over Hannah outside a dental office following an appointment.

The altercation was settled after police officers and an ambulance arrived on the scene to tend to an injury that Hannah had received during the altercation. Jon also recently posted the first photo of his son Collin that has been posted since he was sent to live at a behavioral facility by Kate. Collin Gosselin's absence has been a great source of annoyance for Gosselin fans.

Gosselin fans and followers have openly expressed their thoughts on Collin's absence every time Kate has shared family photos of holidays and special family events all minus Collin. It is now suggested that if Jon Gosselin has successfully obtained custody of his 14-year-old daughter, Hannah Gosselin, perhaps Collin may be next? What are your thoughts on Jon Gosselin's recent cryptic social media posts?