Yesterday the news came out that Jon and Kate Gosselin got into a big custody battle while at the dentist. It was one of the thirteen-year-old girls they were arguing about and now everyone assumes that it might have been Hannah. News just came out about another argument that Jon And Kate got into that was about Hannah. Here is the information about the other domestic.

Fight gets so bad that the police and ambulance are called

A source is sharing that Kate Gosselin tried to pull her daughter Hannah out of the vehicle, but she didn't want to go with her at all.

It turns out that she was throwing a fit and refusing to get out of the car and Kate allegedly tried to pull her out by the arm. In Touch got a video of it and said that “No! Stop, please stop! Let go of me, Mommy!” Hannah screamed at Kate at one point. Jon allegedly told her to hold on the car if she didn't want to go because he couldn't help her to fight her mom.

Police actually ended up calling an ambulance for Hannah because she said that her arm was injured. Nobody was arrested at the scene, though. While at the hospital, even more, happened as Kate told police that Jon was a danger, so they had him removed even though she was the one who pulled on her daughter's arm.

Who has custody of Hannah?

It turns out that not long ago Hannah threw a fit saying she didn't want to go with Kate at all. On Aug. 11, “The judge granted Jon equal custody of Hannah until he and Kate go to trial.” At this time, it is not known how soon they will be going to court. The fans would love to hear the details about what is decided when they go.

Right now, Kate has custody of all of the kids, but Jon does get visitation. It has been reported in the past that the two older girls don't have anything to do with their dad, but nobody seems to know if that has changed. Collin is still in a home working on his anger issues, so Kate just has seven kids at home all of the time.

It looks like Jon might end up trying to get custody of Hannah and when this topic comes up it is very possible that custody of the other children will be talked about as well.

When it comes to new episodes of "Kate Plus 8," she only shows family vacations, birthday parties and fun stuff. You know that this drama won't end up airing on the show.

Are you surprised to hear that Jon and Kate Gosselin got into such a big custody dispute? Do you feel like Hannah should end up living with Jon? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the new episodes of "Kate Plus 8" when it returns to TLC.