The fans of "Kate Plus 8" have really missed getting to see Collin Gosselin. He has been living away from the home, but his dad Jon just posted a rare picture of him. It is exciting to know that Jon got to spend some time with his son on his birthday. It is rare that anything is even said about Collin and you never see pictures anymore.

Jon's new post

Jon went to his Instagram to share a post where he is enjoying time with Collin and Hannah both. He said, "Glad I could celebrate my son Collin’s 14th birthday with him and his sister!" This is something that the fans haven't seen in a while.

It looks like Collin and Hannah were the only ones that Jon got to see that day because they are the only ones he has shared any posts with so far. There has actually not been a picture of Collin Gosselin out since 2016. Kate may not be happy that Jon shared one, but the fans love seeing it.

The fans are excited to see him. One fan said, "Collin looks just like you. Right down to the smile. So happy you're finally able to spend time with at least some of your kids." Another said, "It’s great to see Collin and Jon your a wonderful father! Happy Birthday Hannah and Collin." Jon may get a bad rap as a dad sometimes, but everyone seems to agree that it is great he is going and spending time with Collin.

Where is Collin Gosselin?

Collin Gosselin has been in a home for dealing with anger issues. His mom Kate hasn't explained all of the details about why he is there, but he has been gone for a while and it doesn't really look like he is coming home anytime soon either. When Collin first went in the home, Jon made it very clear that he didn't even know where he was at for a while.

It is unknown if Kate or any of the other kids went and spent time with Collin for his birthday, but Jon even had a pizza and a cake for the event.

Kate and Jon Gosselin have had issues trying to co-parent for awhile. These two actually don't get along very well and Jon says he never gets to see all of his children at the same time anymore.

It turns out that instead the bus will drop them off and he just gets whichever kids get off the bus that day. They don't seem to get along at all, but it looks like Jon has still found a way to be in the kid's lives or at least some of them.

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