Last week on the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion the fans saw Jax Taylor lash out at Scheana Marie Shay. He was extremely unhappy that she didn't come to his father's funeral due to her Las Vegas show and even tried to say she didn't reach out to him at all. Scheana was in tears by the time it was over and even had to walk off the stage to get her makeup fixed and eyelashes put back on.

What did Jax have to say?

First off, Blasting News already shared that Scheana Marie Shay defended herself and said that this wasn't the case at all and that she did get a hold of Jax.

At the time, she said "In regards to @BravoWWHL tonight, @mrjaxtaylor knows I reached out several times after his dad passed.And regularly checked in with @BNCartwright #pumprules... Absolutely. And in that moment I’m sure he wasn’t remembering. But I’m not a bad friend. I reached out IMMEDIATELY! I wished I coulda made the funeral but I had just moved that week and started my show in Vegas .."

Now, Jax is going to his Twitter and admitting that he may have blown up at Scheana Marie in a way that wasn't really fair. First, he said, "Trying to keep ya guys in the loop with @scheana and I. Please understand until you have lost a parent please do not judge someone. You do not have a single clue what they are going through."

After that, Jax Taylor went on to explain that he is a lot closer to Scheana Marie Shay than he is the other girls on "Vanderpump Rules." He said that Scheana was "in the line of fire first." He also admits that they are doing fine now and that he realizes life is short.

This isn't worth fighting over and they have moved on. It does sound like it wasn't all about Scheana and more about the fact that Jax was really upset at the time.

How is he doing now?

Of course, Jax Taylor is still dealing with his father's death, but things seem to be going better. He has made up with Scheana Marie Shay and he is spending a lot of time with his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright.

As he described on the show, they are now doing better than ever. She was really there for him when his father passed away and that was what Jax needed at the time. He even shared that if she got pregnant he wouldn't be upset at all because he wants to be a great father someday. It does look like Jax Taylor is growing up.

Were you shocked to see the way that Jax Taylor treated Scheana Marie Shay? Don't miss the rest of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion on Monday nights on Bravo. Hopefully, Jax won't give Scheana such a hard time on this week's episode.