Jax Taylor's dad recently passed away and in the preview for next week's explosive "Vanderpump Rules" reunion he accuses scheana marie Shay of never even reaching out to him after his dad died. Bravo shared on their blog that Scheana is defending herself and says that this isn't true at all.

Jax goes off on Scheana

If you saw the preview, you know that Jax goes off on Scheana. He is seen screaming and yelling at her obviously upset. Jax was on "Watch What Happens Live" this week where they showed the preview. The second it was seen, Scheana decided to defend herself.

Jax Taylor has made it pretty clear that he had a hard time dealing with his father's death and he needed all of the support that he could get when it happened. Lucky for him, he was back with Brittany Cartwright and had her by his side through it all. The viewers saw them split on this season of the show, but they are back together now and going strong. Jax also never made the move to Florida after his father's passing to take the hockey job he was offered.

Another thing that will happen on the reunion is that Jax will open up about his dad's passing and how hard it was for him. He has a hard time and even breaks down in tears. Lala Kent is dealing with the same thing now as her father just recently passed away.

Scheana shares her side of the story

Scheana seemed really upset that Jax would accuse her in this way. She went to Twitter and said, "In regards to @BravoWWHL tonight, @mrjaxtaylor knows I reached out several times after his dad passed. And regularly checked in with @BNCartwright #pumprules... Absolutely. And in that moment I’m sure he wasn’t remembering.

But I’m not a bad friend. I reached out IMMEDIATELY! I wished I coulda made the funeral but I had just moved that week and started my show in Vegas ..."

She is now living in Las Vegas and starring in the show "Sex Tips for a Straight Woman from a Gay Man" which is at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. It sounds like she was just starting the show and had to be there for that so she couldn't make a trip to Florida where Jax Taylor's dad was living when he passed away.

This reunion show was filmed a few weeks back, so hopefully, Scheana and Jax have found a way to make up and fix their issues. These two have never been as close as he is with some of the rest of the cast of the show, though.

Do you feel like Scheana Marie Shay really reached out to Jax Taylor after his father passed away? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the big "Vanderpump Rules" reunion next Monday night on Bravo.