Love her or hate her, Anfisa Nava is undoubtedly one of the most controversial and entertaining cast members to appear on TLC's "90 Day Fiance." Fans of the reality show know the Russian beauty from Season 4 when she appeared with her American fiance, Jorge Lopez from California. Jorge and Anfisa appeared in more spin-offs of the series, which featured their wedding and crazy fights as a married couple.

Because of her feisty and couldn't-care-less attitude, Anfisa easily became one of the show's more talked-about stars. The 22-year-old reality star loves the attention she's been getting, so much so that she recently created a YouTube channel so she can share more of her daily life with her fans.

This week, Anfisa marked a major milestone on her YouTube channel: she reached 100,000 subscribers! The "90 Day Fiance" star took to Instagram to thank her fans and promised more videos. While we wait for her future antics, let's list down some of her best vlog moments on YouTube:

When she teased fans that her marriage was over because of Jorge's arrest

Earlier this year, TMZ broke the news that Jorge got arrested for allegedly trying to sell nearly 300 pounds of marijuana. The California native reportedly spent two nights in jail before paying $25,000 in bail.

Interestingly, it was Jorge's arrest that kickstarted Anfisa's YouTube channel. In her first vlog post, Anfisa captioned the video's thumbnail with "It's finally over" and put a broken heart emoji.

Naturally, many fans clicked to watch the video, only to find out that Anfisa was sticking by her husband during this tough time.

Anfisa did admit, however, that Jorge really got arrested on February 7 and that she bailed him out two days later. She also shared that her green card will not be affected because of Jorge's case.

"Sorry haters," Anfisa said while doing her infamous sarcastic eye-roll.

When she took her fans on a shopping spree

For her second video, Anfisa gave her fans a peek into her recent shopping spree. "90 Day Fiance" fans know that this girl loves to buy expensive things, and her shopping vlog didn't disappoint. She filmed herself while she went to the mall and bought makeup, bags, and clothes.

She claimed that she was looking for things to get for her relatives back in Russia, but she ended up trying on more stuff for herself. Classic Anfisa!

When she shamelessly flaunted her designer purchases

On "90 Day Fiance," Anfisa has been called a "gold-digger" for unapologetically admitting that she married Jorge so she could live a luxurious life. Proving that she does not care what other people think, Anfisa flaunted her recent purchases in her "April Favorites" vlog. The starlet gamely modeled the clothes she bought in front of the camera. She also showed off her expensive designer pieces, which included a new pair of Gucci shoes.

When she proved that she's brainy too

Anfisa surprised fans at the end of the video by including books in her monthly favorites vlog.

As it turns out, the sexy Russian native is both beauty and brains! In fact, she also mentioned that she's currently enrolled at a local college to continue her studies. In her latest video upload, "15 Facts About Me," Anfisa also revealed that she studied in Spain when she was 19, taking up some language courses.

Anfisa and her husband Jorge will be back in the new season of "90 Day Fiance," which premieres on May 20.