At the end of this season of "Grey's Anatomy," they threw the fans for a loop by revealing that Teddy is back and she is pregnant. Owen made it very clear that he wanted to be with her, but she wasn't feeling it at the time. Now that they have a baby on the way this could change everything. He doesn't know the big news just yet, though.

Kim is coming back

It is now being revealed from TV Line that Kim Raver, who plays Teddy, will be coming back full-time next season. She was just offered a job and there is a lot of story line here, so it makes perfect sense that they would keep her around.

When Season 15 starts, she will be back once again. She is also working at the hospital again, which means she will be running into Owen pretty much every single day.

Kim is excited and shared her thoughts saying, "I am thrilled to reprise the role of Dr. Teddy Altman as a regular. Returning to Shondaland with the incredibly talented [showrunner] Krista Vernoff, Ellen Pompeo and the amazing cast is heavenly. I have a special place in my heart for Teddy and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to continue her story.” With two main characters exiting, this makes it the perfect time for Teddy to return. Fans seem excited about the addition of her to the show.

What does this mean for Teddy and Owen?

Owen really does want to be with Teddy, but she may just not be ready for it all. He has made it very clear that he wants children so the fact that she is pregnant and of course it has to be his baby. This is going to make Owen push really hard to try to be with her and make it a lasting relationship.

Right now, he is actually fostering a baby since he hasn't been able to have a child of his own just yet.

Owen and Amelia seem to be reconnecting lately, so that does mess things up a bit. Owen will still then have to figure out how to let Amelia down gently as he goes back to Teddy. It would shock everyone if he doesn't end up with Teddy in the end.

Owen and Amelia's relationship is just a bit of a wreck, but they keep trying off and on for some reason.

Kim Raver has been on the show off and on as Teddy, so the fact that she is back full-time is really going to make the fans happy. This helps make up for the fact that Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew are gone after this last season. They did leave, but luckily, they didn't kill either one of them off.

Do you think that Owen and Teddy will get back together? It is starting to look that way! Don't miss new episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" when they return in the fall.