The Duggars show "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled, but they are now back with "Counting On." According to OK! Magazine one of Jim Bob Duggar's cousin is saying that he may be getting his own reality show. John Andrew Studdard has a unique story and he is ready to tell it to the world. This could be pretty interesting, but it won't be anything like the Duggars show.

What would John's show be about?

John Andrew Studdard shared that he has an amazing story to tell. He was actually adopted into this family and says that he isn't like the Duggars.

John explained saying, "I think their time is up. Producers reached out to me about doing a show because I have a unique storyline. Being Asian adopted into an all causation family living in the South. American needs me to fix their mess!" This would be pretty interesting and different than anything that the viewers have seen before. It doesn't sound like the Duggars would be appearing on it at all, though.

He went on to explain that he is open-minded and could make a great reality show. John Andrew Studdard says that he is way more fun than the Duggars. It does sound like it would be an interesting show, but he isn't even sharing where it would air or if it is really going to happen. Now that he is getting the word out it might be easier for him to be able to get the show picked up.

His thoughts on Derick Dillard

John also kind of bashed Derick Dillard in his own way. He said, "Every religion, gender, sexual orientation, and race is important,” he said. “I’m somewhat conservative, but I know how to keep my opinions to myself!" Derick actually got kicked off the show because he wouldn't stop going to Twitter and talking about how he doesn't agree with the lifestyle that Jazz Jennings lives.

He wouldn't let it go and TLC eventually cut ties with him. Now, Derick isn't on television at all and this makes things a lot harder on the family financially. It doesn't look like they will really be showing Jill Dillard either.

Studdard doesn't agree with what Derick said at all either. He feels like he should have kept his mouth shut and just not shared his opinions.

He shared that he feels like love is everywhere. Derick Dillard should realize that he is a public figure and not always say what he is thinking.

A new season of "Counting On" will be back on TLC in July. Derick Dillard won't be back and you probably won't be seeing Jim Bob's cousin, but it should be a great season.