Paul and Karine from "90 Day Fiance" are still together, but the couple hasn't been living in the United States. In Touch Weekly shared the news that it looks like these two are heading back to Paul's home country. They did go through a split, but reunited and seem to be happy, but not married yet.

Paul's cryptic post

Paul made a cryptic post last week all about judgment day, but he didn't say exactly what he was talking about at the time. He shared that they were asking for prayers and went on to explain that they wanted to thank all of their supporters.

Paul was also trying to find a company where he could get good car insurance in America. This had everyone thinking he might be headed back. So far, he hasn't confirmed that is exactly what is going on, but all the signs are pointing to Karine and Paul coming to the USA.

The couple had shared that they were not doing the K1-Visa anymore and that instead, they were doing another kind of Visa. It actually looked like he was going to stay over there with her. They had a very public breakup, but then later got back together. Now it sounds like they are headed to the United States. If they come back here, then they will probably have to do the K1-Visa, which of course, makes them the perfect couple for another season of "90 Day Fiance."

Jason and Paul fight it out

Jason Hitch, who was on a past season of "90 Day Fiance" also started commenting on these posts and Paul had to respond to him.

It all started with Jason saying, "What did you do with all the TV money these last few months?" Jason wrote, to which Paul replied, "You know we do not get paid until the show is edited. And this has nothing to do with money at this point. We are not on the season starting this month." He didn't deny that they did another season just that it isn't the one that is about to start airing.

Jason couldn't stop there and pointed out that Paul had been there for six months and also says that he filmed another season of the show. Then Jason admitted that he has been talking to Paul for a while, so it sounds like these two are great friends and it may have been a bit of teasing going on.

For now, the fans are just going to have to wait and see what happens.

Paul is always posting on social networks so you know that he will update the fans about how things are going.

Don't miss the new season of "90 Day Fiance" when it returns to TLC with new episodes soon. They are going to be giving updates on some of the past couples.