There's a well-known saying of "Family is everything" or "The most important thing is family." This episode showed exactly that, as everyone bonded together as a family in two different places in the world. The Ball boys bonded in Barcelona while Tina, Noni, Robert, and Denise spent some time together in their hometown of Chino Hills, California.


With no games going on in the LKL, LaVar took Melo and Gelo to Barcelona and his brother LaValle joined them as well. The main purpose of the trip to Barcelona was far LaVar to train his sons his way instead of coach Seskus's way since LaVar disagrees with his coaching style.

While in Barcelona, the boys are seen lifting weights, doing bench presses and bicep curls. After they finish in the weight room, they go to a basketball court and are there to work on their game and shots. The first day of training saw them do really bad as LaVar was happy that they completed his workout but said his kids did so poorly as they were missing shots. The next two days of training saw them do better. After all this training, Gelo said that the training his Dad gave him helped him to prepare for the 2018 NBA Draft.

While the Ball family walks around Barcelona, they encounter a shop that has American food like candies, chips, cereals, and other foods. Gelo explains how there's not much American food in Lithuania as all he pretty much eats is crepes.

They got chips, cereals like Froot Loops, chocolates like Reese Peanut Butter Cups, and other things. From all the things Melo, Gelo, LaVar, and LaValle got, it cost them 259.30 Euro, which is $313.11 USD.

No matter what, every vacation you take you have to have some time to go out and have fun. While the Ball family did go to Barcelona for basketball, they also went and had fun by going on roller coasters, riding bumper cars and other things that made them have fun.

Spending time with the family

With Denise and Lonzo having a child, Denise spends time with Tina (Zo's mother) and Lonzo's grandparents (Tina's parents), Noni and Robert. They went to Applebee's and when they returned home, they bought food and mixed them together to try and come up with foods for the baby to eat.

While trying to come up with food ideas for the baby, Noni talks about her experience as a mother which she told Denise that she had her first child at the age of 21 and her second child at the age of 22.

With the baby due in July, Denise will be 22 years old. Even though she's having her first child at an extremely young age, both Tina and Noni say that Denise will be a good mother.

The strongest woman in the world

In March 2017, Tina suffered a stroke which made her have a difficult time talking, walking, and completing daily activities. Fast forward to 13 months later in April 2018 and she has made a lot of improvements.

She is now able to talk in full sentences and she is also able to say things without having someone to say it first. With the Ball boys in Barcelona and Tina at home, LaVar face timed Tina over the phone and before hanging up, Tina said "I love you" without LaVar having to say it first which made LaVar really proud.

While being able to talk in full sentences is great, what she did next might have been the biggest step in her recovery. Since she was unable to walk on her own because of the stroke, she needed to use a cane in order to walk. She was seen walking without her cane for the first time since the stroke with her parents watching which made Tina and her parents very proud.

All I have to say is God Bless Tina Ball.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes, they show a preview of what's going to be in the next episode. In Episode 24, which will air next Sunday (May 6) on Facebook Watch, the Ball boys are back in Lithuania and Gelo prepares with LaValle for the NBA Combine. The Ball family goes to Poland and with the disagreements LaVar and the head coach of BC Vytautas have and LaVar says that the next move could be here (Poland) as he has said in previous episodes that he's going to look at other teams for his sons to play on. Also, Denise and Zo go to New Orleans to spend time together. The whole episode will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch.