Art imitates life yet again during the opening of the 2018 "General Hospital Nurses Ball." It has been standard for decades men to wear a black tux or suit to formal affairs. Women in previous generations, however, believed their individuality. For the past five or six years, however, the Grammys, Academy Awards, MTV and American music awards attendees have in record numbers, walked the red carpet in red, black, white or combinations of the three. "GH" has been displaying these hues for quite some time in various ways in each episode. On Wednesday they dominated the annual event that raises awareness for aids.

General Hospital is following a current trend

Rumors abound that wearing red, white, or black is a sign that Celebrities are in a secret society known as the Illuminati. Others say that it is simply a trend that has caught on. In every recent episode of "General Hospital," some characters are strategically placed so that these hues are brought to the forefront. This past week Nina stood in front of red flowers on her black desk at Crimson talking to Maxie who was in white.

Ava was in her last week gallery where background portraits sported all three hues. She was wearing black and white while talking to Nelle who was decked out in red.his type of strategic color scheme has been part of the show for several years.

Sometimes a character wearing black will stand near someone else wearing white, then a third Port Charles resident will walk by holding a red scarf or pocketbook. This same strategy is also used on "The Young and the Restless" which airs on CBS.

The Nurses Ball is making a statement

Last year during the gala the nurses did a number dressed in white while Epiphany wore red.

The opening of the Nurses Ball on Wednesday made a statement that was crystal clear. Jordan, Nina, Olivia, and Sam were all wearing varied shades of red dresses. Stella, Oliva, and Alexis, all donned black gowns. Lucy Coe made her entrance in an outfit that was both back and white. An extra who was holding a microphone wore a red gown standing by her male assistant who was in black and white.

Maxi and Joslyn both were in white, with only Anna, Robbin, Kiki, and Elizabeth dressed in other colors.

This color scheme of red, white, and black, may simply be what is currently popular in society as there is no proof positive that anything nefarious is going on. It is however interesting to watch and simply cannot be ignored, "General Hospital" airs weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC. Be sure not to miss Thursday and Friday's episodes in order to find out what startling revelations come out of the annual event this year. The fashions always take back seat when the drama begins.