The "General Hospital" Nurses Ball will be taking place during May sweeps. Last year, there was the Chimera mystery which involved Valentin and Jake Webber. This year, Mr. Cassadine is involved in several hot storylines that revolve around Port Charles residents. He drugged and kidnapped Robert, is playing cat and mouse with Anna, hiding secrets with Peter August, and up to his neck in the drama surrounding Jason, Sam, and Drew. Spoiler alerts are suggesting that all these loose ends will make for big fireworks during the annual event. According to Celeb Laundry, Peter August will be at the center of it all and may be exposed as the son of Faison and Anna.

Sam may unravel the truth about Peter

Spoilers say that even though Nina called off the investigation into Peter August, Sam and Curtis will continue to dig for clues. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Sam may be the one to unveil the fact that Mr. August is actually Anna and Faison's son. Its possible she will work with both Drew and Jason in order to figure out what is really going on. There are only two months left to this nine-month storyline, so a lot needs to be wrapped up quickly.

Sam has admitted to her mother that she really does not want to work at Aura Media. She added that she came to life while doing investigative work with Spinelli and Jason. Last week, however, after resigning, she told Peter and Drew that she changed her mind and is going to remain at the company.

They have no idea that it is only until she finds out the secrets that Mr. August is hiding. Sam, along with help from Curtis, may be the one to eventually break the case and unravel the truth.

Valentin's reign in Port Charles may be over

Spoilers indicate that Valentin's role in all the shady dealings in Port Charles may be coming to an end.

He is the one who gave Anna's infant son to Faison and has known Peter's true identity all along. He kidnapped Robert and viewers believe he may also be holding Nikolas captive. There have also been hints that he has Claudia, the woman who raised Charlotte, stashed away somewhere.

Valentin also knows more than he is letting on about the five years Jason was held in the Russian prison and the plot to take Drew's memories.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that May sweeps will have a lot of drama as well as some closure to these issues. Additional spoilers will come forth when available, but until then keep watching "General Hospital" on weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM ET on ABC.