In recent days, Fox News contributor and social media star Tomi Lahren has been in the headlines after her family tree revealed a history of undocumented immigrants. In response, actor Alec Baldwin had something to say.

Baldwin on Lahren

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump's candidacy changed the game of American politics as it was the first time that social media had a major impact. With the rise of social media, voices that wouldn't normally have been heard found a way to go viral, with right-wing firebrand and blonde bombshell Tomi Lahren being towards the top of the list.

Lahren has been a strong supporter of Trump and continued to push his agenda, with immigration being a top priority. Lahren has routinely lashed out against "illegals," which was taken to task when researcher and author Jennifer Mendelsohn revealed that Lahren's family tree included undocumented immigrants who refused to assimilate into American culture. In response, Lahren lashed out on Twitter and Fox News with her predictable talking points.

After Tomi Lahren gave her defense on Fox News, "Saturday Night Live" actor Alec Baldwin decided to throw a little shade on social media.

"I believe Tomi Lahren is just a dumber, meaner Laura Ingraham," Baldwin wrote during a May 15 Twitter post. Baldwin's mockery comes as he's increased his criticism of Donald Trump and the entire administration. For the last three years, Baldwin has been playing a satirical role of Trump on "SNL," helping the show reach record high ratings in the process, much to the chagrin of Lahren and the commander in chief.

Twitter rejoices

Following Alec Baldwin's tweet about Tomi Lahren, social media was quick to react. "A lot dumber......but I believe as mean," one tweet read.

"Someone said yesterday that she is 'the Carter Page of Ann Coulter's,'" a Twitter user wrote.

"I concur!!! She falls short on the intelligent department," another tweet added. "Much like the relationship between Jesse Waterboy, and NDA superfan Bill O'Reilly," an additional tweet stated.

"And here I thought she was a younger, meaner Ann Coulter. But then I realized the only one meaner than Ann is a mythological character developed by Dr Seuss," a social media user went on to read. "Have they ever been in the same room together?" a follow-up tweet stated. The mockery continued to pour in as the opposition to Tomi Lahren and the Trump administration moved forward.