On Tuesday’s episode of “General Hospital, “Carly’s life began spinning out of control. Nelle made a formal statement that Michael’s mom pushed her down the stairs and no one believes Mrs. Corinthos was set up but Jason. Diane is only interested in what will sway a jury in her client's favor, while Dante is staying neutral and seeking facts.

Joss is angry at her mother and Sonny believes his spouse is having a breakdown. All the while Ava snatched the blanket that would prove Carly is telling the truth. Things will become worse before they get better and there will be hell to pay when all the facts come to light.

Carly walked right into Nelle's trap

Nelle has been gaslighting Michael's mom for months by trying to make her believe Morgan is still alive. Her evil plan came to a head during the baby shower, where Carly became unhinged. Ava gave Nelle a baby mobile with penguins which Morgan happened to love. Carly became so enraged she accused Avery's mom and Michael's baby mama of messing with her head. She followed Nelle upstairs where she saw her holding a blanket that looked exactly like one Morgan used to own.

The two women argued on the Quartermaine staircase, and Carly tried to snatch the blanket out of Nelle's hand. The younger woman held on and was grabbing it back when she fell. Nelle is taken to the hospital, and Monica calls the police.

When no blanket is found to collaborate with Carly saying the fall was an accident, she is taken into custody. Much too late she realizes that she has walked right into the trap that her son's baby mama set for her.

Ava, Sonny, Diane, and Jason weigh in

At the hospital, Michael listens and tries to absorb what has taken place.

Ava later shows up and produces the blanket that she removed from the Quartermaine house. She is using it for leverage, so Nelle will not tell Griffin that Ava took a screenshot of confidential hospital files.

Back at the police station Jason takes a stand and says he believes Carly is telling the truth. Sonny, however, tells Diane that he believes his wife is having another nervous breakdown.

Carly tries to explain that Nell set her up and was behind al the previous mischief. Diane says she can only work with what will sway a judge and jury and Sonny just shakes his head,

Jason tells his best friend that he believes Nelle had the motive and opportunity to set all of this in motion and had an accomplice to remove the blanket from the staircase. Josslyn feels her mom should have backed off and blamed her for the evening's events. Dante only wants answers, and Michael is stuck in a no-win situation. Diane is doing what lawyers do, but Sonny should have more faith in his wife. Jason is her only ally and is determined to put all the pieces together so stay tuned.

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