Leading lady Erin Krakow has embodied the very definition of resilience as Elizabeth Thatcher, then Thornton, on “When Calls the Heart.” Fans of the runaway hit drama on the Hallmark Channel are having to learn lessons along with the actress and her character about moving on and becoming stronger through turmoil and changes in life. Just weeks ago, Erin Kraków sat with co-stars, Daniel Lissing and Lori Loughlin, clasping hands and confirming their constant support for Lissing, who had what he described as “very personal reasons” for his decision to leave “When Calls the Heart” and continue to pursue his artistic future.

The death of the character of Mountie Jack Thornton came as a deeply personal loss to fans and the actors themselves, who even personally wrote the wedding vows for Jack and Elizabeth, coming to know the hearts of their characters so well. Erin Krakow has brought a unique and loving depiction of the strength of a woman to “When Calls the Heart,” along with her other female cast mates, Loughlin and Pascale Hutton, who portrays buoyant and beloved (sometimes busybody) Rosemary Coulter.

Long before becoming Mrs. Thorton, Elizabeth overcame challenges of teaching in the town saloon, making do with limited supplies, and even unfounded threats against her teaching credentials. Amidst it all, her character embraced faith, refused to lose hope, and helped her students to learn and grow in an environment of acceptance.

No one yet knows all the trials and joys that Elizabeth will face as a mother on Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart,” but Erin Krakow received expressions of abundant cuteness for her first Mother's Day, ahead of the January premiere date, and Elizabeth’s big day. The star has also been able to sneak in some “girl time” just like the days of high school, and shared her happiness on social media.

Big-time baby love

Erin Krakow shared her own version of the natural mom, posting a brood of polar bear cubs all over mama on Facebook for Mother's Day. A few days before, the actress showed her range of diverse emotion and expressions in portraits taken by her brother, only a few with a tad bit of exasperation.

Faithful “When Calls the Heart” fans have shared not just baby pictures, but pictures of their babies loving favorite scenes with Krakow’s Elizabeth on their mommies’ phones!

Naturally, Erin was taken by this adoration. Moms have also shared favorite scenes of their own, and grandmothers have joined in on the inspiration, too.

Erin Krakow has a few months to get used to wearing her “baby bump” pillow on camera, and as crafty as most “When Calls the Heart” fans are known to be, she will have no shortage of advice, baby clothes, quilts, or furniture for the nursery. The actress loves sharing the most meaningful items in pictures, and Season 6 is sure to “birth” a bounty of goodies.

Sharing those toothy smiles

Even frontier life has to work in some fun, and Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton seemed all set for a slumber party in a shot the actress shared of the two friends.

Erin noted that the picture was just “before the retainer went in” for Hutton. Just the mention of that orthodontic word brings back so many memories for millions of fans. Krakow’s short haircut and glasses got great reviews, too. Fans can look forward to adventures in babysitting from Rosemary.

More family planning may be on the horizon for Erin in another role. The spots have already been airing for “Marrying Father Christmas” for this year’s Hallmark Channel offerings through the yuletide season. It can’t be long before “Father Christmas’ Blessed Arrival” or “Father Christmas’ Special Delivery.”

Seeing this kind of fun will make the months until January and “When Calls the Heart’s” return fly by on the calendar.