Farrah Abraham has revealed that she has no issues with the naked photos she has of her young nine-year-old daughter Sophia on her phone. But wait it gets worse... Farrah also reveals that Sophia has naked pictures of her on her cell phone as well. The former "Teen Mom OG" star claims that it is the norm at her house that she and her daughter run around naked at their home.

Too much again

"We just live life free," she told TMZ. "I mean, we have naked pictures on our phones of each other because we’re like a mom and daughter crew." Abraham goes on to defend her questionable parenting by revealing that her mom, Debra Danielsen has all kinds of nude baby photos of her also.

Following her confession, Farrah Abraham was once again slammed on the social media by followers who do not feel the same about her carefree lifestyle with her daughter.

Farrah's daughter Sophia's safety questioned

"Naked pictures of your baby, cute. Naked pictures of a nine-year-old, kiddie porn," one social media user stated. Another commentator even suggested that CPS should make a visit to Abraham's home according to In Touch. Farrah's parenting tactics have come into question on several occasions over the years when it comes to the way she has allowed her daughter to act more grown than she is.

As previously reported, Abraham has been bashed more times than not when it comes to raising her daughter.

She has permitted the child to freely talk back to any and all adults, she had also been given free reign to the social media channels. "Teen Mom" cast followers should not be surprised by Farrah's actions, after all, she is an adult film star, she also puts on her own live sex cam show.

Here is a real shocker that stunned most of Abraham followers.

Farrah made a pointed top publicly defend her mortal enemy, reality star Kim Kardashian after it was reported earlier this month that Kim has allowed her daughter North West, 4, to take a topless photo of herself. In today's dangerous world it is wondered why any parent, even one as free as Farrah Abraham would even risk taking photos of this nature, especially leaving them on her phone.

One lost phone or hacking incident and these very personal photos could instantly fall into the wrong hands, potentially placing Sophia in harm's way.

It is a non-issue to the recently fired MTV reality star, however, popular opinions that have been given about the matter seem to believe that this is a very big issue, one that could be looked upon as criminal.

Dangerous, or no big deal? What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham "freestyle" parenting?