New “Days Of Our Lives” spoilers hint that there might be a deeper tie between Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) and Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) than NBC soap fans realize. Abigail’s alternate personality Gabigail has deep feelings for Stefan and will do anything to protect him. Is this intense connection between Gabigail and Stefan a new relationship or is it based on secret history not yet revealed to viewers?

Stefan and Abby’s secret past?

A new “DOOL” spoiler [VIDEO] from Soap Dirt proposes that Stefan and Abby met in Europe and knew each other long before he came to Salem.

They both have ties to Europe in the same time period, and that may not be coincidental. It could be that “Days” writer Ron Carlivati is planning an epic twist to shake up everything, including the allegations about Stefan using Abby’s DID for inappropriate sexual conquest.

According to what Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) said, Stefan was her long-lost son that grew up in Europe with no idea he was a DiMera. He grew up without either biological parent and was simply Sam Maitland before Vivian found him, spilled the beans, and brought him home to Salem. Sam supposedly grew up in an orphanage then found success as a corporate raider, but is there more to it?

The European connection

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers and history show that Sam lived in Europe prior to coming to Salem.

Abby also has ties to Europe. She was there for boarding school and might have met him then. If Abby and Stefan do share a past, is her mental illness blocking the memories? Remember that Abigail disliked Stefan almost on sight. Is it because of some events in their past she can’t recall?

If she met Stefan back when he was Sam in Europe, maybe she just doesn’t recognize him or maybe there’s something else afoot.

For Stefan and Abby to have a shared past, it would explain a lot about Stefan’s obsession with her now. Perhaps he fell for Abby in Europe and she was the one that got away. Maybe she even loved him too, but circumstances have hidden him from her recollection.

How long has Abby been crazy?

At best, Abigail’s brain is fragile.

She had PTSD in her past and now DID. She’s been institutionalized a couple of times. And looking back at “DOOL” history, Abby had that twisted obsession with Austin Reed (Patrick Muldoon). Then there’s the ordeal as a teen when she thought the Salem Stalker killed her dad (even though he survived) and her own ordeal with other Salem serial killer Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson).

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers say it’s not too far-fetched that Abby might have had a relationship with Sam/Stefan and it’s locked away in a corner of her troubled mind. Or Abby might have already had undiagnosed DID back in the day and Gabigail met him and fell for him. Abby’s brain is a playground of problems, so there really might be some secrets lurking in there about a shared past with Stefan.

What do you think? Do you think Stefan and Abby’s connection predates his arrival in Salem? Do you want them to have a secret history we don’t yet know about? Come back soon for more “Days of Our Lives” spoilers.